a cliff with grass and water with Cliffs of Moher in the background
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Ireland is ready to welcome visitors back to the Emerald Isle without restriction.

Last week GSTP covered what a summer of travel in Europe might look like. There are still unknowns, but the suspicion at the time was that this would be a summer where most countries dropped restrictions, both domestically and for inbound travelers.

That’s now happening in significant ways, with Ireland joining Belgium as the latest countries to further relax restrictions. Even France is dropping its Covid-19 vaccination pass requirement to enter venues domestically.

And now, the big one — travelers to Ireland no longer face any pre-flight testing, arrival testing, or even vaccination requirement to enter.

Entering Ireland is now as pre-pandemic as it gets, and there’s no longer even the need to fill out a passenger locator form. If you’re thinking about a trip this summer, here’s what to expect.

a cliff with grass and water with Cliffs of Moher in the background
Image by Nanni05 from Pixabay

Ireland Drops All Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Not long ago, I was scrambling to get a professionally swabbed test to enter Ireland. I had taken a supervised tele-medicine test, but forgot that Ireland didn’t accept these as a condition of entry.

Shortly thereafter I needed to fill out a lengthy passenger locator form and provide proof of a fully vaccination schedule as well as preparing the usual documents. It was par for the course for international travel at the time, but it’s so far removed from the direction things are now headed.

Effective March 6th, 2022, Ireland has dropped all Covid-19 travel restrictions. No tests required, no proof of vaccination needed and no passenger locator forms to fill out. You’ll just need the stuff you needed to enter before the pandemic.

This somewhat polarizing approach makes more sense than someone would expect, due to Ireland’s “common travel zone” with the United Kingdom. People can generally travel freely between the two, and the UK dropped covid-19 restrictions weeks ago.

Dublin Ireland

Domestic Covid-19 Restrictions

Ireland began rolling back Covid-19 restrictions at the end of January and has steadily held course. Proof of vaccination requirements for most indoor settings were dropped and mask wearing outside of limited circumstances has also been dropped.

Visitors traveling to Ireland can largely expect the care free travels of old, without constant fidgeting for vaccination passes or rattling through pockets to find a face covering. You don’t need one to enter a hotel, bar, restaurant or venue.

People at greater risk or in need of increased safety are still actively encouraged by the government to take the steps necessary to protect themselves, such as wearing face coverings.

Ireland Is Open

For a long time, the question was where, if anywhere, is open. Now, the question is more about the details. Which destination has restrictions that fit my current feelings and needs?

For Americans who still need a test to return home, regardless of vaccination status, Ireland may be “too” open. For visitors from places where testing has been dropped, a chance to explore beautiful cities, coasts and the charm of Ireland might be just right.

Whatever your preference, Ireland is open without travel restrictions.

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