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No one likes getting to the bottom of a page and having a big sigh, so we’ll get the one catch with this business class deal over with from the start. There are only really two months which you can use this deal: November 2019 and March of 2020.

But that’s it, no more small catches – just big nice business class seats from London to Auckland with only one stop, all on 787 Dreamliner jet lag reducing planes. Want in? Here’s everything you need to know…

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A look at a slightly older China Southern business cabin. The new seats on these flights are the same used by Qantas, SAS and Delta.

Business Class Deals to Auckland

You haven’t lived until you’ve been to Queenstown and you haven’t mastered wine until you’ve had some central Otago or Waiheke magic. Plus, it’s New Zealand – it’s too beautiful to miss.

Right now China Southern, a leading mainland airline has £1685 round trip business class from London to Auckland with no tricks or gimmicks. You’ll enjoy fully flat beds with direct aisle access, charging ports, USB ports and all the usual pleasures of food and drinks, with just one stop en route.

China Southern use the Thompson Vantage XL on these 787 Dreamliners, which is the same seat Qantas use on their 787 flights, and similar to what Delta offers but with the addition of a privacy door. For miles nerds, you can earn 100% credit for the miles you’ve flown with American, Flying Blue or Delta, which means both Oneworld frequent flyers and SkyTeam flyers can benefit.

a road next to a body of waterThe Dates You Can Travel

Getting a fully flat ride on a modern, jet lag reducing plane for under £2500 is amazing, so when it’s £1685 from London without any crazy routings or getting to another city, you gotta act fast. These deals allow you to travel in 2019 or 2020, with wide open availability in November and also in March of 2020.

The lowest prices require just one Saturday night stay, but you can stay much longer if you like. There are plenty of options for trips between 1-3 weeks, which gives you a nice amount of time to explore New Zealand, and perhaps Australia too.

a body of water with trees and mountains in the backgroundHow To Book These Amazing Flight Deals

These sort of things tend not to stick around for months on end, and we haven’t seen lower prices from any European city in months, let alone London. Fortunately, booking these deals is incredibly easy. We’ve made Skyscanner links which take you directly to the best prices, so all you’ll need to do is change the date to suit your needs. Here’s a link to the best deals in…

Once you’ve booked, don’t forget that New Zealand has a new ETA travel requirement, which is basically a visa. It’s just like the USA’s ESTA program, and you’ll need to apply for one at least 72 hours before travel and pay the fee of roughly £20. The ETA is mainly aimed at helping environmental efforts to curb the effects of tourism, so it’s at least a well intentioned money grab! Here’s what to do in Queenstown, and a few tips for planning a side trip to Australia.

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