New Zealand is one of the few countries which experiences nearly as many visitors as it has citizens. Each year almost four million travellers descend upon the South Pacific paradise, and no matter what they seek, they tend to find it. New Zealand is a “top five” for adventure seekers, wine enthusiasts, beachgoers and foodies alike. Plus, they have cute birds.

For a nation so tied to nature, natural beauty and conservation, millions of travellers take their toll. In an effort to make tourists directly contribute to replenishing the resources they drain, the country has officially launched a new ETA form you’ll need to fill out and pay for before hopping on a plane, for all travel after October 1st, 2019. It’s basically like a visa, but people get mad if you say visa.

Here’s everything you need to know…

From October 1st, 2019…

If you’re traveling to New Zealand any time after October 1st, 2019, you’re going to need either an actual visa, or an ETA if you’re from a “visa waiver country”. Basically, if you needed a visa before this date, you still need one.

If you didn’t, and could simply hop on a plane, like citizens from the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Germany and numerous other countries you’ll now need to fill out the ETA before you do and pay for it too. If you don’t, you won’t be able to board the plane.

The New Zealand ETA visa i s now available online, here.

Mount Cook in New ZealandNew Zealand ETA Costs

The fee to enter New Zealand on an ETA is $9NZD if you use the New Zealand tourism mobile app, or $12NZD online with your browser. You’ll also pay the IVL fee at the same time, which covers tourism infrastructure for New Zealand which is $35NZD. All in, that comes to about £23 or $30USD.

Here’s full details. The ETA is electronic, so there wont’ be any hassle, and as long as your passport remains the same, it’ll work for two years allowing multiple visits.

When To Apply For NZ ETA

Much like the ESTA in the USA, or the new European equivalent, these “visas” in everything but name require up to 72 hours of processing. If you were landing on the 1st of October, you’d want to apply before the 28th of September, just to be safe.

Most ETA’s should be approved within hours, but you won’t be able to board a plane before you have an approval. It’s also worth noting that even if you do have an ETA, you must be able to show a ticket not only arriving, but also departing New Zealand.


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