a landscape with mountains and water

Queenstown is one of the most spectacular places on the planet. This is true in every sense of the word. Views: spectacular. Food: spectacular. Nightlife: spectacular. Every traveler should experience this gem at least once.

It’s known as the adventure capital of the world, and if you’re looking for bungee jumping, sky diving, paragliding or any other thrill-seeking activity then it’s the place to go. Milford Sound is stunning and definitely worth the day trip, but if you’re looking to just stay and relax in Queenstown then these are some things you simply must do.

a landscape of a lake and mountains


Hype lived up to – and more. A Fergburger is one of the most delicious and unique burgers you will ever, ever eat in your lifetime.

With a menu boasting over 18 different burgers, there’s truly something for everyone – even non burger or meat lovers. Think everything from burger to pork belly, venison, chicken tikka, tempura and falafel.

And don’t let the queues put you off either, the ordering and waiting process moves along very quickly and if you’re clever, you can grab a seat from a finishing table.

Queenstown Hill

First thought: bring water. This 2-3 hour hike will lead you to a literally breathtaking, panoramic view of Queenstown and the Remarkable’s Mountain Range. The hike is moderate for relatively fit people and reachable by a steep five minute walk from the town centre.

Unlike many of the less beautiful and more popular trails, it’s far less crowded, making it extremely peaceful at the peak. If you don’t mind carrying an extra bag, it makes for an idyllic picnic spot too.

a landscape of a valley with mountains and a city

Rent A Bike

Queenstown is the perfect place to rent a bike, whatever your biking pleasure may be. There are wide, bike friendly paths everywhere making it a fast and ideal way to get around and see the beautiful scenery.

If you’re a bit more of an adrenaline junkie – there are some insanely fast and windy mountain biking trails. The city offers plenty of places to rent bikes and there really are trails suiting all levels. Once you’ve got your bike, head for Arrowtown, or just bop around parts of Lake Wakatipu.

Swim In The Lake

It’s a bit cold, but it’s always worth it. The water in Lake Wakatipu is 99.9% pure, meaning you’re literally better off drinking from the lake than bottled water. And we promise, it does taste good! The seabed sits deeper than sea level offering a gorgeous crystal blue.

On a hot summers day, there’s nothing better than jumping in. If braving the cold water isn’t you’re thing then rent a kayak, jet boat, water bike or any other kind of floating device to take you out.

a landscape with mountains and water

Paraglide, Bungee, Skydive.

If there’s ever a place to take the (actual) plunge off the side of a mountain – it’s here. The surrounding scenery is so powerful. Adventure activity providers in Queenstown are amongst the best and safest in the world, so you’re in good hands. B

ut really, doing one of these extreme activities here is all about the views, and it’s hard to think of a more gorgeous place on earth to do it. Expect to pay at least $199 for anything major.


After all this physical activity, you deserve some quality ‘naughty’ food, and thankfully you’re in luck. Queenstown has world class dessert spots. Whether your weakness is ice cream, donuts, cup cakes, cookies or fancy chocolates – it has it all.

Check out Balls and Bangles, Patagonia’s Ice Creamery and Chocolaterie, Cup & Cake, Cookie Muncher Cookie Bar and Mrs Ferg Gelateria – we’re drooling just thinking about it all!

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