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In the words of Coldplay: nobody said it was easy…

It doesn’t matter what cabin you’re in: flying overnight in a metal tube is hard. Sure, the beds in first class help, but there’s nothing natural about life at 36,000 feet, as you hurdle through the skies to new and exciting horizons. Assuming none of the upgrade tips you’ve heard worked out, there are still a few ways to make economy a solid experience, and possibly even catch some zzzz’s en route. Here’s how to maximize your experience on overnight flights…

Give In

No one enjoys feeling nickel and dime’d, but when it comes to feeling remotely fresh after an overnight flight, every inch counts. If at all possible, give in and pay up for an extra legroom or extra recline seat towards the front of the cabin. Not only will this help get you into a remotely comfortable sleep position, it’ll also position you closer to the aircraft door for a swift exit upon landing. Those immigration lines certainly aren’t getting any shorter, so the quicker you’re off the plane, the better chance you have of beating the rush. Plus, many of these seats in advantageous positions usually include priority boarding as well. You definitely don’t want your carry on to be six rows back!

Eat First

Sorry, but plane food almost always sucks, especially in economy, and if you’ve ever watched a water bottle contract in the air, think about what’s happening inside you. Your best bet is to eat in the airport or at home, before the flight. Not only does this allow more time to catch some zzz’s, and not have to wait hours for cabin crew to clear your tray, it should help keep your stomach as normal as possible. Eating at destination time is also a major key to jet lag, so if you’re flying from New York to London, have your big meal at 3PM in New York, when it’s 8PM in London.

Board Last

If you need access to an overhead bin, move onto the next section. If you can manage to limit your carry on items to things that fit under your seat, listen up. Especially on international flights, there’s an extreme amount of time that passes from the first boarding call to the moment the plane leaves the gate. If you’re worried about the 7 hours of flight time, don’t forget you may well sit in your seat for over 2 hours before take off, if you board first. The smartest frequent flyers and celebs board last, waiting near the gate until final, final call. You simply make the walk to your seat, and off you go. The terminal is always going to be more comfortable than your economy seat.

Let It Out

There’s no arguing that a couple G&T’s or a nice glass of wine can help settle you in for a nights sleep, but pounding beers won’t often work out very well. The key to surviving overnight flights is sleeping every possible moment. If you get up to use the restroom every few minutes, you’re not only breaking airplane etiquette, you’re robbing yourself of precious sleep time. Hydrate the day before your flight, and in the 12 hour period directly before, but in the coming hours before your flight, try to take it easy on the liquid intake, to allow yourself the best chance to stay seated.

Cancel Noise

Hate the player, not the game. It’s completely unfair to roll your eyes and sigh at parents with young children. The kids don’t want to cry, the parents don’t want the attention and people need to travel. If noise is an issue, you have only yourself to blame. There are awesome headphone options at each price point, with noise reducing abilities, so not only will your audio sound great, the headphones will also block out outside noise. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a screaming baby and giving it a smile, since you absolutely cannot hear it.

Window Seat

There’s only one seat on the plane where you can control your sleeping destiny, and that’s the window seat. Assuming you’ve managed to “let it all out”, you can use the window as a sleeping surface and relax in peace, knowing no one will be tapping you just as you’re about to doze off. Every other seat on the airplane is subject to bumps from passengers, crew or beverage carts, so if you really want a good nights sleep, window seat it is.

Say No

People have a hard time turning down “free stuff”, so they wait around with eyes open, just in case an interesting food item or beverage cart service comes there way. If you want to survive any overnight flight with ease, just put your eye mask on, say no and close your eyes as soon as the wheels go up. You may start to notice that every semi pro traveler in the cabin says no to meal service, so join them! Breakfast however can be a yes. Sometimes it’s great to have a light snack as you approach landing, to pick up your metabolism and place your digestion on local time!

Bring A Pen

Airline cabin crew have a particular disdain for passengers who ask to borrow a pen. Bring a pen, and fill out your immigration form before you fall asleep. The form will likely be far more legible, especially if you’re into sleeping pills, and allow you to sleep on flights until wheels hit runway. Make a habit of asking for an immigration form as quickly as possible, getting it squared away, tuck it in with your passport and hit the snooze button.

What’s your best tip for overnight flights?

Featured image courtesy of Virgin Atlantic.

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