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When you’re dreaming of flat bed business class, Qatar Airways Qsuite generally pops up somewhere along the way. For UK travellers, getting there at prices anywhere near affordable typically means flying to a European gateway offering cheaper fares to make it happen.

Qatar has some really good offers from the UK at the moment, and while they’re more than fares out of other cities, the hassle, time and expense saved to reach another city makes these quite attractive…

a bed with a tv and a monitor in the back of an airplaneQatar Business Class Offers

Two factors make these deals exceptionally good today. First, they’re for flights on Qatar – and duh – that’s great. Second, there are opportunities to book these flights as British Airways codeshares, with BA flight numbers. You care, because that can mean extra miles (Avios) while enjoying Qatar Airways service. Your pick.

That also means you’re able to use Avios to knock the price down, if you book with BA, while still earning Avios back. Another great bit, is that the fares are bookable not just from London, but cities like Manchester and Cardiff as well.

The best offers are to: Singapore, Jakarta (great for getting to Bali) and India.

Qatar Airways Sale Dates

These flights are available at the lowest prices from May through the end of December 2020, with the exception of August. There’s scattered availability for dates beforehand as well, but you’ll see lots of wide open options for these offers from May onward. July is prime time in Bali, and a great time to visit Singapore as well.

You’ll find the lowest prices on UK departures between Monday and Thursday, with Monday often cheapest.

Most of these deals do require a one week minimum stay, but you may get away with shorter trips on select dates. If you’re going all the way to Asia or India though, you might as well make a week of it – they’re kinda nice places to visit.

a landscape with clouds and mountainsHow To Book Qatar Airways Sale

There are quite a few ways to successfully book, and with the service on Qatar Airways, it’s always tempting. Here’s a review of their Qsuite business class, as well as what’s found on the Boeing 787 out of Gatwick.

Yes, Gatwick departures will save some money, but won’t feature Qsuites, whereas every non A380 flight out of Heathrow will feature Qsuites. All flights from Doha to Singapore feature Qsuites, and a fair amount to Jakarta and India as well.

You can book these deals on Qatar Airways here, British Airways here or Skyscanner. Here’s links to a few Skyscanner gems, like…

These offers are around for the next week, so there’s no need to rush necessarily, but availability on each flight at these prices is quite limited, so you don’t want to miss out. You can always place a 24 hour hold on the flights at Qatar Airways for a very small fee, which gives you time to think. Enjoy!

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