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Utterly tempting…

British Airways surprised travellers around the world this year when it unveiled a new business class suite, rather than a seat. If you’re wondering what the distinction is, the simplest answer is the lovely addition of a privacy door.

If, like many, you’re tempted to see what all the fuss is about, today’s deal offers just about the lowest possibility we’ve seen yet, thanks to £1095 return pricing from Paris to Toronto. You could even instantly qualify for British Airways Bronze status via these deals…

a pillow and a purse on a bedThe A350 Club Suite Deals

British Airways has a flash sale from Paris to cities all across Canada. While £1100 return deals to places like Vancouver or Calgary are extremely exciting on their own, for the flying nerds out there (no judgement, we know you’re one of them), the A350 deals to Toronto are the most exciting.

Thanks to a tip from our friends at, For £1095 round trip you can enjoy the brand new British Airways Airbus A350-1000 complete with privacy doors in business class between London and Toronto, and pick up a few extra Avios and tier points in business class between London and Paris. Here’s what the A350 Club Suite looks like, in case you missed it.

ba_new_club_world_suite_a3505The Dates You Can Travel

Know this first: these deals were meant to expire yesterday, but have been briefly extended. If you snooze, you will lose. These deals are actually widely available for travel from December 18th 2019 thru March 2020, and then from mid April through May 2020. You could legitimately use these for December holidays!

To get the lowest prices, you’ll need at least a Saturday night stay in Canada, but you can jet off virtually any day of the week. In other words, you could leave on a Wednesday and come back Sunday or anything like that. You can stay longer too : )

a man and woman in an airplaneHow To Book The BA A350 Club Suite Deals

Sometimes you’ve just gotta let flight deals fly by, but if you don’t want to – you need to firm up your dates and book ASAP. These flights are bookable directly with British Airways (example link), and also on Skyscanner (example link). They also appear on Google Flights (example link). Be sure to book BA 92/93 between London and Toronto to get the A350.

Side tip: Don’t forget that you can always use the British Airways low deposit feature and put down just £300 and pay over time, if you add a hotel or car rental to your booking. With no interest, it’s one of the most underrated ways to book BA flights.

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  1. Seems like if you go out to April/May, theyre not using the A350 on these routes. Seems to be a 777 and 787 🙁

  2. Also seems like this fares are now a glitch on Google flights. They appear as ~1100 but then we you go to click through to BA, the prices jump to >3000.

  3. Great cabin with a competitive seat at last and the airframes aren’t old enough to have accumulated the filth found in most BA Longhauls. The first That just leaves the regular (definitely not this offer) premium pricing, so so service, catering and servicing of IFE which are bloody awful on BA (OH and their ridiculously high surcharges for everything inc seat choice in “business”
    They remain Best Avoided if you want honesty, service or value but now offer a comfortable seat in one of their cabins even if not in econ or premium econ.

  4. Just curious why two comments about this were deleted? The fact that post April, the A350 isn’t running on this route and also how there are issues actually booking this far when you go from google to BA.

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