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For about two years, the question for Americans hoping to travel to Europe was a simple one: where’s open? This summer just about everywhere is, so the question has shifted to where’s easy?

Almost daily, the list of countries with zero restrictions for visitors from the US and other countries outside of the EU continues to grow, and there are now 13 wonderful options and counting.

If you want to visit Europe this summer without any pre-flight testing, extra forms, of supplying proof of your vaccination status here are the places where all those things are a distant memory.

a boat on a lake
Lake Bled, Slovenia

13 European Destinations Without Travel Restrictions

On May 2nd, Greece is scheduled to end all remaining Covid-19 travel restrictions, making it the 13th country in Europe — if you include the UK — to make travel as simple as it was, just over two very long years ago.

The end to travel restrictions in these trending European countries matches domestic policies which no longer require masks in indoor spaces, proof of Covid-19 vaccination or a negative test for entry into certain venues.

Now that US Courts have overturned the Transportation Mask Mandate, it also means you may no longer be required to wear a mask on flights when traveling to these newly relaxed countries. The countries in Europe which have dropped travel restrictions now include…

  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Greece (from May 2nd)
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Latvia
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
a view of a town and the ocean from a cliff
The view of Santorini (Thira) from Imerovigli.

So Many Incredible Trips

With so many restriction free choices, the hardest thing is picking one, or a handful to visit on an epic Euro trip. Lake Bled and Slovenia at large were gaining massive tourism credibility in 2019 before things kicked off.

Hungary remains one of the best value destinations for high end dining on the cheap, and underrated wine tasting too. Switzerland has the world’s most delicious tourism pass. The Nordics are icons for a reason, and with an easy process to enter Sweden, Norway and Denmark, you might as well see them all.

And really — can you talk about summer travel without discussing Greece? No, you cannot. Ireland and the UK are most idyllic in summer and the same could be said for strolls through Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic or Romania. Krakow remains a highly underrated destination for visitors from Abroad.

Navigating “Sold Out” Summer

Flight prices are going wild, hotels are sold out and demand is out of control. So how can you navigate travel this summer? If you’re on a budget, your best bets are points or waiting it out for shoulder season.

The good news is that many of these European destinations, particularly the further you move East, offer stellar value. A Michelin starred lunch in Budapest can be had for under $12 — not too shabby at all.

As the good news rolls in, flash sales will also be a thing. Airlines had to scale down their businesses and fly smaller planes, so as they seek to make more cash, they’ll go back to larger planes and will need to fill some seats accordingly.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting summer of travel to Europe.

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  1. Albania had 0 restrictions on US and Canada originating visitors since beginning of 2021. They came numerous and they all loved it. 0 infected according to local statistics. A pity this is not mentioned on the article. This is eventually the most exotic, less touristy destination in Europe this season.

    1. Italy is among the most paperwork enthusiastic and bureaucracy friendly countries. It’s one of my favorite, but they’ll be among the slowest in Europe with these things.

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