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Some stereotypes or cliches are hard to shake, and when they’re delicious — like Chocolate and Switzerland — why bother?

Just in time for Easter, Geneva, Switzerland is launching the first tourism pass I actually want to purchase. The new ‘Choco Pass’ opens up doors at top chocolatiers and brings a series of sweet treats along with the access.

If you’re headed to Geneva, or now are desperately looking into flights so that you can go eat chocolate for a couple days, here’s how to snag one of these delicious tourism passes.

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Geneva Launches ‘Choco Pass’

Travel isn’t one size fits all. Unique interests and niches actually define travel.

People flood the streets of New York in anime gear from all over the world to share their love of Japanese animation and cartoon characters. People fly into the California desert just to watch tennis. Large groups of people called “Parrot Heads” don tragically designed shirts all over the Caribbean in support of a musical artist.

And now, you can find your way to Geneva in support of your niche interest too. And yeah, this interest is a bit more mainstream. If you take advantage of this wonderfully niche chocolate pass, you may need a new size too.

Geneva has launched the ‘Choco Pass’ in celebration of its rich, velvety history as a top chocolate producer. The pass, which is circa $30 USD (£24) per adult and $6-7 for kids is a chance to sample the best chocolate, with each chocolatier offering an exclusive sampling of their best to pass holders.

Here’s what someone traveling on the 24 hour ‘Choco Pass’ can expect.

La Bonbonnière Chocolaterie et Chocolate Bar: A choice of Grand Cru or Gourmand hot chocolate and 4 chocolates of choice/ Kids: A choice of Grand Cru or Gourmand hot chocolate for kids and 1 chocolate of choice 

Du Rhône Chocolatier: A selection of 6 chocolates, featuring milk and dark chocolate and pralines/ Kids: chocolate blocks and truffles 

Stettler & Castrischer:  1 Pavé de Genève, Bonbons Deluxe range: a Chuao, a luzern, a brazilia, a fleur de sel, a raspberry pearl (in a box of 6)/ Kids: 50gr of crunchy hazelnuts 

Sweetzerland: Caramel Truffle, Hazelnut Rocher, Raspberry Truffle, Almond Dragées, Cashew Nut Petals / Kids: chocolate almonds 

Chocolaterie Zeller: 3 pavé glacé, 1 Florentine (milk or dark), a praline nougatine mould (dark or milk), a candied orange covered in chocolate/ Kids: a mouse with chocolate mousse filling 

Favarger: Avelines and Nougalines, a chocolate bar / Kids: lollipop and Avelines. 

Chocolaterie Canonica: a praline tasting plate

a city next to a body of water

A Tasty Way To See The World

Most of my greatest travel memories are either sights or food. Ideally, both at the same time. Geneva is a spectacular city with surreal natural beauty, thanks to its position along the lake, and this chocolate pass adds an amusing twist.

Everyone’s got some kind of sweet tooth and if not for pure amusement, making the ‘Choco Pass’ a part of a trip should be fun. And yes, likely delicious too. Fortunately, there are plenty of mountain foothills nearby to walk it (and the fondue) off.

You can find out more about the Geneva ‘Choco Pass’ here.

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