When you can drink the price of your ticket…

Rare wines and spirits are a celebration. It’s not that they necessarily taste better, though they should – it’s about the experience and the memory. One experience you would not soon forget would be sampling $3,000 a bottle rare cognac, on the same flight you enjoy bottomless $350 a bottle champagne in your Emirates first class suite – responsibly, of course. Though there’s no $350 a bottle champagne to be found in economy, Emirates has upgraded the booze menu for all cabins, including its most accessible offering in economy…

a row of seats with monitors on the backEconomy

Emirates will introduce new spirits, wines and champagnes across all cabins in a refresh which will deliver some of the best offerings in the sky. Economy passengers will enjoy Emirates new selection of Dewar’s White Label Scotch whisky, Beefeater gin, Russian Standard vodka, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey and Bacardi Carta Blanca rum. Amarula, a beloved after dinner drink will also be served in economy for a nice after dinner treat.

a food on the counter in an airplaneBusiness

Emirates Business class will still see Veuve Clicquot Brut served as the house Champagne. But new spirits such as award winning Sipsmith gin, Woodford Reserve Distillers Select bourbon and Glenfiddich Solera 15 Year Single Malt whiskey will be added into the mix in both the business class cabin and business class bar. Emirates has improved the design of these revolutionary A380 board bars and it’s nice to see the beverages are following suit. Cocktail enthusiasts will be pleased to see this area has not been glossed over either! A Negroni, Aperol Spritz and Old Fashioned have been added to the extensive cocktail list which  happens to also include our favorite, the Mojito.

a bed in a planeFirst Class

Emirates continues to dazzle and almost dizzy customers with the new heights of luxury in the first class beverage department. As we recently reported, the airline always serves vintage Dom Perignon Champagne, but for a limited time – select routes are offering Dom Perignon P2 2000, easily regarded as one of the most prestigious (and pricey) Champagnes on earth. But the $350 retail price of Dom Perignon P2 2000 pales in comparison to new Hennessy Paradis Imperial, the new cognac being introduced onto select routes – retailing at $3,000 – yes, three-thousand-dollars per bottle. And yes, even customers flying on tickets using points may have some…

What do you make of these new beverage roll outs?

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  1. Look at it this way, one glass of Dom P2 is 1/5 of the bottle. One pour of Hennessey assuming 1.5 oz pour is about 15 pours. So the disparity isn’t that high. But if I’m on one of those flights, you can be sure I will be trying the hennessey even though I dislike cognac

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