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“May you know this feeling, many times.”

One of the greatest toasts, without a doubt. Encompassing the feeling of true celebration while capturing a moment in time, it’s a wonderful way to kick off a glass of champagne – especially when that champagne is Dom Perignon. And there’s never a time when champagne feels better than during exciting travels. Emirates serves Dom Perignon Champagne every day in their First Class cabin, but for a limited time, they’re going from $150 a bottle Dom Perignon to $350 a bottle Dom Perignon. First Class upgrade? You bet…

a bed in a planeStarting April 1st

Starting April 1st, Emirates will serve Dom Perignon P2 2000 Champagne on routes between Dubai and the US, Europe and select Far East countries. If you think serving $150 a bottle Dom Perignon is already incredible (we’d agree), you’ll be absolutely floored by this limited time $350 a bottle offering of Plentitude (P2) from the year 2000.

The bouquet is ripe, lively and generous. The warm aromas of hay and brioche mingle with those of bergamot orange and russet stone fruit. The overall effect exudes smoky grey accents. – Dom Perignon

Plentitude P2

Dom Perignon is an inherently rare and special treat. Every Champagne offered by the esteemed house is vintage, but not every year is deemed worthy of its own vintage. P2 kicks things up a notch from the already impeccable Dom Perignon standards. The “P” stands for plentitude, which refers to the time spent aging on lees. This added time adds to the rich, brioche and nutty tastes which make Dom Perignon so unique. If Dom Perignon is rare, the P2 is a remarkable pleasure from an already illustrious Champagne house.

a woman sitting in a chair in a planeCustom Canapés

In celebration of this opulent first class offering, Dom Perignon head chef Marco Fadiga has collaborated with Emirates to release a special first class canapé and seafood main course menu perfectly complimenting the Dom Perignon Plentitude P2 2000. The menu will be available to customers traveling between Dubai, London, Tokyo and New York JFK on direct flights.

a person holding a bottle of wineBut How Long?

Emirates has sadly not specified just how long this exciting promotion will last. The new P2 2000 has just been released, and is being widely marketed in Europe by celebrity spokesman Christoph Waltz. It’s pure speculation, but we’d expect this promotion to last at least a couple months, or at least while supplies last. If you’ve ever needed an extra reason to use points or a big chunk of cash to book Emirates First Class, you’ve now got one…


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