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Flash sales are exciting just about any way you cut it.

There’s the thrill of getting in on a bargain, but when a flash sale involves air travel, it can also bring even greater thrills, knowing you’ll return to a favorite place or discover a new destination.

Delta has been raining Skymiles from the ceiling with mega credit card bonuses and increased earning opportunities, which just leaves you with one key goal: spending them, wisely.

If you’re hoping to cash in your Delta Skymiles at some point, there’s one thing you need to do today, and really, one thing only. Fortunately, it’s incredibly simple and potentially very lucrative in helping to unlock your travel dreams.

Maybe, even in a better cabin than you previously imagined.

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Delta SkyMiles Flash Deals

If you’re looking to go further with your miles while using fewer miles in the process, you’ll want to book Delta Skymiles Flash Deals page.

If you do, you’ll increase the chances of getting above average value for your Delta miles exponentially, and also get a little help with travel inspiration. Sometimes it’s fun to see where miles can take you, rather than just seeing if they can take you where you want to go.

Every month, and sometimes even more frequently, the Delta SkyMiles Flash Deals page is updated with a list of destinations and departure cities where flights cost fewer miles than usual. What’s exciting is that sometimes, these flights would still be really expensive with cash, but are a total bargain with points.

Sometimes, that means business class for the same SkyMiles you’d usually pay for economy, or an exotic destination far-far away at domestic prices.

How good are we talking?

Here’s a few of the best we’ve seen in the last couple years, like…

As noted, these offers come and go, often quickly. If you make checking in on the SkyMiles flash deals page a part of your weekly, or at least bi weekly behavior, you should be first in line to cash in on availability when offers go live.

Obviously, the best deals, like 99,000 points round trip in business class to Asia don’t last long.

delta one suites

Big Time Delta SkyMiles Bonuses

People often attempt to insult Delta SkyMiles by calling them SkyPesos, but given how easy they are to earn, and how lucrative these flash make them to “burn”, they’re not nearly as useless as people make them out to be.

One reason Skymiles are hard to argue with at the moment, is just how lucrative the Delta Amex sign up bonuses are to earn lots of miles quickly. Since Delta puts a floor value of 1 cent per SkyMile towards any paid ticket, you always know you have a solid minimum value.

Right now, there are offers bringing up to 90,000 SkyMiles from a single card bonus, which is a heck of a way to kick off your mileage balance, or top up towards something nice, like business class. It’s really never a bad day when savvy consumer behavior can unlock nearly free travel and these offers make that extremely tempting.

You wanted the one thing to do today to maximize your SkyMiles, you’ve now got the links above to do so, and it’s only a matter of time before the next perfect offer pops up.

Obviously, you’ve gotta’ save up enough miles to do something cool, but once you do – jump on one these offers while they’re hot. The Caribbean for 10,000 miles round trip doesn’t sound too bad right now.

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