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After a long year of COVID-19, Las Vegas is finally making its comeback, and, at the luxury end, it’s offering some superb deals to get you to visit.

First, there was Mirage, the first super casino. Bellagio followed this; and frankly it’s a property nobody ever excepted to be surpassed for sheer luxury. But then came a next level experience, with Wynn and Encore Las Vegas. 

Wynn and Encore Third Night Free Deals With Major Perks, Plus Others!

One of the city’s swankiest hotels, Wynn Las Vegas, is offering third-night free deals. One night stays also have some crazy rates. For the next day or so, you can do much better, though. How much better? Think guaranteed complimentary extras, such as full breakfast, dining credits, and other amenities, through our relationship with Wynn as a preferred partner. 

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Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Deal

(Note: This deal ends on March 31st, 2021. Travel by September 30th, 2021.)

Steve Wynn’s newest Las Vegas location is also one of the nicest on the Strip. Actually, it’s two properties, the original Wynn hotel and the all-suite Encore. And they’re offering everything except the Chihuly glass to get you to book. 

• The third night of your stay is free. While this is a fantastic deal, to begin with, it gets even better if your third night falls on a weekend night, which is traditionally the most expensive in the city.
• A $30 per person daily breakfast credit for up to two guests per bedroom ($60 per day) at all eligible venues is included.
• $100 in additional credits (once per stay), including a $50 dining credit and $50 spa or salon credit also provides the cherry on top.

So yep, if two people take this, you’re looking at $60 per day back on the room rate via breakfast, and $100 back on the overall rate with the dining and spa credits. Yeah, $50 might get you a burger in Vegas, but it’ll be a damn good burger, and probably include truffle fries. It’s not for everyone, but what is?

Be sure to try Tableau for breakfast which has great ambiance and top-notch menu. Just writing this makes one dream about the fluffy Nutella pancakes. Also, don’t forget about the bottomless mimosas or Bellini’s that are a $39 add-on to any meal. When in Vegas, right?

And yes, the spa credit. Salon services include a traditional wet shave from an amazing barber or manicures and pedicures, and these services are currently running, with all the precautions you’d hope.

You may also receive other benefits based on availability, but given the times there “should” be availability. No one wants to over promise and under sell, but they include a one-category upgrade on arrival, early check-in, and late check-out.

Overselling upgrades isn’t particularly cool, but there is one sweet spot that is worth noting, and that’s if you reserve a room in the Wynn Tower Suites. Tower Suites is a hotel within a hotel at Wynn Las Vegas that includes a separate entrance and also private tower suites guests-only pool areas. These are…. amazing.

A Wynn Tower Suite king room has the chance to upgrade to a Wynn Tower Suites Parlor Suite, which is movie level Vegas. It is one of the best suites in Vegas, with no lack of elegance and technology. Of course, we cannot guarantee the upgrade, but if this interests you, we strongly suggest confirming at Wynn Las Vegas instead of Encore, since the “Wynn-side” has more suites available for upgrade. 

This reminder is a pretty last-minute reminder, but all reservations and deposits are refundable as long as you cancel more than 72 hours before arrival. 

Oh, curious about prices? We ran a few scenarios right before this article was published, so they should still be fresh. 

Monday, May 10th to Thursday, May 13th (3 nights)

$485.60 (Total Price with resort fee for three nights in a standard king); this includes the $60 daily breakfast and $50/$50 resort amenity package. If you are curious, $147.30 of this amount are the taxes and resort fees included in the total price. 

Doing the math that’s $60 + $60 +$60 back on breakfast which instantly drops $180 off the net, and then you add in the $100 other credits, and you’re taking $280 off in value. Basically, you’re paying around $280 for 3 nights in the net for a baller experience.

Curious about that Tower Suite King that potentially upgrades to a Wynn Tower Suites Parlor Suite, how about $697.62 (Total Price with resort fee for three nights). 

Weekends are obviously more expensive, but the “pro-tip” is to arrive on Thursday so that you get the Saturday night free. How about Thursday, May 13th to Sunday, May 16th? $678.35 for three nights in a standard Wynn or Encore Las Vegas king room. $957.83 for a Wynn Tower Suites King. 

Don’t forget; this is quoting total “all in” prices with taxes and resort fees. 

The perks attached with these rates aren’t typically public, and going further, the team confirms everything is set with Wynn Las Vegas in advance of your stay, using personal contacts to try and enhance as much as possible.

Floor preferences, arrival time, and exceptional amenities are all a part of the convo. Sure, there is an extra cost to arrange for a car and driver to meet you at LAS or to set up that special birthday or anniversary surprise, but it can all be coordinated, if you like. For some, nothing sounds better to escape the travel blues than a sparkling trip to Wynn Las Vegas. 

$150 A Night With $100+ Back Deals?! Yes! One Night Works!

You won’t be able to snag a $150 (all-in) room rate at Wynn Las Vegas for one night. Looking at Wynn for one night, May 11th to 12th we found it for $242.80 (all-in). Not amazing, but not horrible with the breakfast and $100 benefits.

But, you might want to consider Delano for a one-night “quickie”, it’s all suites by the way. The same mid-May dates yield a rate of $156.47 with breakfast and a $100 MGM Resort Credit. $100 is more than enough for some stellar dumplings at DTF.

Yep, that’s $156.47 all in, but with breakfast and $100 resort credit back. If that’s not nearly “net” free, what is?!

How About $200 And A Confirmed Upgrade?

Want more options? The Hilton Impressario Deal is pretty impressive. You can use this to book a pretty cool TWO NIGHT stay at Waldorf Las Vegas, the property previously known as the Mandarin Oriental. What’s the deal? How about:

  • $200 hotel credit per stay – Double hotel credit! (once per stay, per room)
  • Complimentary breakfast for two guests daily
  • A guaranteed room upgrade upon reservation
  • Double Hilton Honors Points

Remember, this Hilton deal requires a two-night stay. It’s also not limited to just Las Vegas, but it is applicable at a selection of Hilton Luxury Properties in specific cities. These include the Conrads in NYC, DC, Fort Lauderdale, as well as Waldorf Properties in Beverly Hills, Los Cabos, Monarch Beach, and Orlando. One final caveat might actually not be a caveat at all.

This program was supposed to end on June 30th, 2021 — but it looks like it might be extended until the end of the year. In addition, family vacay? Book a minimum of 7 nights, and the property will provide an adjoining room at a 50% reduced rate.


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