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Xiao Long Bao, simply known as Chinese dumplings may be humble in origin, but their rich and explosive tastes have scored Michelin stars the world over. And yeah, queues around the block for the very best, from Taipei to LA. From a simple restaurant launch in Taiwan, Din Tai Fung became a global icon, competing with Tim Ho Wan to offer the best example of this bursting ball of flavor. Now, it’s headed to Vegas.

Las Vegas munchies patrols will soon delight in yet another culinary option, with Aria’s opening of a Din Tai Fung outpost on October 19th. As if you needed another reason to hit Las Vegas, you just got one.

Din Tai Fung at Aria Resort & Casino will be Nevada’s first and only location for world renowned Xia Long Bao dumplings, bringing the team behind Taipei’s best to Sin City.


The new restaurant will be located on the casino floor, open from 4PM-11PM daily, with live show kitchens to highlight the craft of creating arguably the world’s best Xia Long Bao. It’s a hotly contested topic. Many would say the Taipei outpost will never be matched, though locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore may have something to say about that.

Either way, it’s tough to beat a good plate of dumplings when battling a famous Vegas hangover.

From secret restaurants within restaurants by Jose Andres to world class options a la Gordon Ramsay, Michael Mina and more, there’s never been a shortage of epic dining options in Vegas. Now, there’s yet another spicing things up with heavenly chili sauce.

Las Vegas reopened in June, and by now, most things are back in action, albeit with a few changes. Hotels, resorts and casinos are eager to bring back visitors, and offering the best of Asia at a time when it’s impossible to get there is a draw in itself. Aria and Din Tai Fung for the win?

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  1. I wouldn’t say Tim Ho Wan ever was in the running for good XLB. XLB is Shanghainese, Tim Ho Wan is Cantonese dim sum, XLB is not their specialty.

  2. I have written off Din Tai Fung for its XLB, or even its food. And this is from a super fan of XLB. Din Tai Fung has been disappointing.
    Tim Ho Wan’s XLB is better than DTF in my opinion.
    Those from small non-chain Chinese restaurants are actually much better. You just need to know where they are.
    The best I have ever had is in Shanghai.

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