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Qsuite, anyone?

The Maldives are easily amongst the most aspirational travel destination, a place where the clarity of the water makes the finest five star hotel pools envious, and every sunset is mind blowing.

Qatar Qsuites tend to have the same effect on travellers, as they settle into their private suite, with a door to close off the rest of the world. Right now, there’s an amazing sale on flights to the Maldives from easy to reach Italian cities, which means it’s a great time to say… Andiamo ala Maldives!

a tv on the side of a planeThe Qatar Business Class Deals

Qatar Airways Qsuites, and their business class in general needs absolutely no introduction. It’s amongst the two best business cabins flying in the sky today, and the service is consistently spot on. The airline has been flying their best offering, the Qsuite to Milan as of late, with the jet-lag reducing Airbus A350, as well as select flights from Doha to the Maldives.

That’s handy, because they just launched a super sale, with €1550 (£1290) business class from both Rome, and Milan.

The Maldives hardly ever gets a business class sale, and this one is pretty fantastic. Milan is extremely easy to reach from virtually any European gateway, which means even if you don’t actually live in Milan, it could be worth taking advantage of these deals.

Plus, you’ll earn a lovely chunk of points, and we like points.

st regis maldivesThe Dates You Can Travel

If there’s a downside to all of this, it’s that dates are fairly limited. You’ll need to depart between November 12th and December 12th, staying at least four nights in the Maldives to make the prices work at the lowest rates.

If the year has been hard on you, or you feel like you deserve a last minute reward for all your hard efforts, a spontaneous Maldives getaway in business class is rarely a bad idea, if you can swing it.

a seat in an airplaneHow To Book These Flights

Qatar Airways is the place to book, directly at QatarAirways.com. You’ll be able to use the 7 day calendar to see which dates offer the lowest prices, so if your first search is off by a day or two, you’ll be able to find the lowest prices quickly.

Most flights offered will bring the Qsuite, but if you want to double confirm you’re getting that experience, and not the other A350 seating setup – which is still fabulous by the way – then you can do so on ExpertFlyer.com, looking for a seat map that shows up as the following. If the seats are staggered as they are on this map, it’s Qsuites, if not, it’s this. Here’s a review of Qsuites btw.

a screenshot of a computer programTo help you in your search, we found the best departure dates from Milan or Rome to be the: 12, 13, 14, 21, 26, 27 or 29th of November and virtually any date in December before the 12th. You can stay pretty much as long as you like, but those departure dates work best for bringing the lowest prices.


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