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Ok, sure, clever person – the cheapest way to try Emirates First Class is by using points, you’re not wrong.

But, if that’s not an option, or you want more flexibility like booking any day, a chance to try Emirates First Class for under $625 is back, and having done it, it’s glorious. And if you want to double your dip, $976 will give you a round trip!

Here’s the scoop and a bit of context to make it even more tempting…

a bed with a woman in the back

Emirates First Class For $616

Emirates First Class is famous for the Airbus A380 shower, and the private suite that converts into a fully hotel worthy bed. Plus, the Dom Perignon and all that stuff never hurts either. Say hello to the travel dream of a shower at 33,000 feet, with this amusing opportunity.

After a long hiatus on the route, Emirates has reintroduced A380’s with First Class between Bangkok and Hong Kong. To enjoy this epic novelty, you’ll just need to get yourself to Asia, and more specifically, to Hong Kong or Bangkok.

Starting in Bangkok you can enjoy a one way to Hong Kong for $615, or round trip is $976. Google Flights shows prices all year at these levels, so you’ve got wiggle room.

The flight bills at under 3 hours, but it typically takes a full three hours at a minimum and this allows more than enough time to enjoy a shower on the route, and a glass of Dom. Or maybe, more. Who knows!

Emirates has reintroduced First Class on its ‘fifth freedom’ route between Bangkok and Hong Kong for 2023!

For circa $600 one way or $900 round trip, you can experience one of the most opulent ways to fly, on a taster basis. In recent years the route had swapped to a plane without first class, thus eliminating one of the most novel ways to fly.

Obviously, you can fly for a fraction of this in economy between the captivating Asian cities, but when in Rome, err Bangkok, why not?

GSTP took this flight back in 2017 when the flight was operated by an A380, and managed to make a considerable dent in a bottle of Dom Perignon, grab a shower and enjoy a meal in the 3 hour time frame.

It’s a very “YOLO” experience, to borrow from our hip young friends, but hey – you only live once, right?

Booking Emirates First Class

Asia is the perfect place for a multi city trip, allowing you to explore new cultures and cuisines with each stop. Although the most effective pricing would be for a round trip between Bangkok and Hong Kong, there’s plenty to love about one way and onward.

If you’re going all the way to Asia, which obviously — is truly huge — you want to see as much as you can.

Accordingly, it’s the perfect place to “open jaw” where you fly into one city, and out from another, so there’s no backtracking. It’s really tough to best flying into Bangkok, stopping in Hong Kong and then departing out of Tokyo for a pretty decent picture of the continent from South to North.

You can book these flights directly with Emirates. Be sure to use a card with no foreign transaction fees to take advantage of pricing in Thai Bhat, rather than other currencies. As a reminder, Hong Kong is mostly open now, but with recent events, it might be wise to book this opportunity for summer, or at least a bit later in the year.

These fares can be made flexible, so booking now carries little risk.

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  1. The video in this article is cool – thou it looks like Jenifer had the advantage of access to a first class hair brush…

    In non covid times i would totally try and do this flight, but BKK is just too hard to get into ATM.. but definitely worth looking into later in 2021…

  2. My wife and I did the trip 2 yrs ago . Was great fun especially when I fell asleep (long flight from Paris) and dropped a full glass of Paradis, which I hasten to add, was refilled before the glass had emptied itself on the plush carpet .
    Great experience only bettered by our trip to Johannesburg in 1st just afterwards

  3. Rehashing old stuff as new material I understand if not condone but you should be more careful as the landscape has changed and you cannot simply get into Thailand these days or well into 2021 and even if you can (I fly next month) then you need to have a Certificate of Entry, Insurance, Fit to Fly Certificate and book and pay for 16 days compulsory quarantine accommodation at a cost of between £750 and £10,000.

    Last time I looked Hong Kong also had severe entry restrictions.

    1. Yeah, I wrote this about 4 hours ago, so there’s no “rehashing here”. I specifically mention 2021, and restrictions are regularly changing. No western blog has dedicated more coverage to Thailand’s reopening, and how to obtain a tourist visa. I just don’t know why we gotta come in with that attitude when it’s actually a completely fresh post, and people are aware country restrictions exist. I’m not a lawyer, I don’t need to put 19 lines of T&Cs on a simple “hey look” opportunity.

      1. Hahaha….response made me laugh! People think they know it all. Even with all the restrictions many airlines are changing cancelation fees and whatnot so flights can be booked now ans used later.

    2. Do you always have to be such a friggin Kiljoy?
      I find your negativity annoying at best and your whole attitude very argumentative.
      There is nothing wrong with what Gilbert writes about yet you seem to go out of your way to disapprove on every point.
      Can I ask..why are you subscribed to these daily posts?…If you don’t like..simple LEAVE. This way you will do me a favor, Gilbert a huge favor and last but not least yourself a MEGA huge favor.
      At this time when we seem to see a light at the very end of a large tunnel it’s great to embrace and read about some positivety, giving ideas to the rest of us so we can experience the best for less.
      I for one wish you would just get a grip on life and try to enjoy what the world has to offer.

  4. I’d go to Thailand and then come back the same day just for the experience….of the flight. Who needs thailand when being in the sky would be so fabulous

  5. Sounds like a wonderful way to fly! But I wouldn’t condone or encourage ANYONE to fly during this pandemic. Maybe if people HAVE to fly, you could mention this is the best option for continuing to social distance to protect themselves and others on the plane. But definitely wish they had these options on our 36 hr trips to Latin America from the states. Maybe one day in the future!

  6. When do you think India will reopen
    What are the best prices for business class to india and airlines

  7. Aircraft changes to A380 in March 2021 (looks nice March 28). Personally, I’d forgo the shower/onboard bar for this much upgraded suite.

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