Emirates First Class Champagne

Only upon landing in the UK did I learn of the term O-T-T.

Ironic, since it’s my last name. O-T-T stands for “over the top”, in case you hadn’t caught up yet either. And when it comes to discussing first class luxury in the sky these days, it’s really the only appropriate way to frame it.

First class is ritzier now than ever before, with amenities and comforts even Kings and Queens would raise an eyebrow to in amusement. Comforts found in many private jets can’t even compare, ironically.

Amid the stiff competition for first class supremacy, airlines have battled to offer the best Champagne money can buy, with offerings from Salon, to Krug and Dom Perignon as regular fixtures on these flights.

For a while, Singapore Airlines owned the most O-T-T question in the sky, greeting first class guests with : Dom, or Krug? But in a major shakeup of the status quo, Emirates has come in with a power move, to associate one of the finest Champagne makers in the world with Emirates, and Emirates only.

Emirates First Class Champagne

Emirates Goes Exclusive With Three Champagnes

LVMH, the French magnate luxury brand conglomerate owns a bunch of really nice Champagne houses. You’ve probably heard of most of them, if you’re reading this. Veuve Cliquot, Moet and Dom Perignon all roll off the tongue quite easily.

Anyway, in a power move, Emirates has secured an exclusive deal with LVMH which makes the Dubai based carrier the only airline in the sky with the right to serve Veuve, Moet or Dom Perignon until 2024, at the very earliest.

In a “first world problems” story, many first class travel geeks were surprised when Singapore Air announced a split with Dom Perignon earlier in the year. That all makes sense now.

So yes, if you love Dom Perignon and don’t have a private jet, flying Emirates First Class is now your only way of experiencing that effervescent luxury in the sky. The same goes for Veuve or Moet.

You can find Moet & Veuve on board and in lounges for business class passengers on the airline, while the Dom Perignon and Dom Perignon “P2” or “Rose” is reserved for Emirates Firs Class Suites. Have a look at the experience, if you fancy.

a bottle of champagne next to a glass of wine

Emirates Wine Prestige Climbs Higher

From Chateau Petrus to Dom Perignon’s exclusive — and ultra expensive — P2 and names like Dominus, Emirates has never been bashful about serving exceptional wines in their flagship cabins.

Securing worldwide exclusive rights is just another feather in the cap of an airline which has already invested more than $300m in its cellars in the sky campaign. If you enjoy a sip of the good life, there’s one airline making big moves to win your business. But if you want the best, make it first.

For people flying other airlines, these are now over the top, first world problems to have. But it’s not like the others are serving swill. Japan Airlines arguably notches the finest Champagne served in the sky, serving both Salon and Cristal. Krug on Air France or Singapore Air is no slouch, either!

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