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Netflix is optional, new sneakers as well, but eating – that’s the key to life. Actually, scratch that on Netflix, the world would be doomed without it right now. With cardholders stuck at home, unable to travel, and for most – unable to dine out, Chase is boosting earning rates on grocery purchases, with some cards earning up to 5X points, and other a solid 3X. Here’s all the details.

Chase Limited Time 3X-5X Grocery Boost

To tempt you to pull out your Chase card, versus whatever else is in your wallet, Chase cards across the rewards portfolio are offering increased earning on groceries, for a limited time, until June 30th, 2020. It doesn’t matter whether you shop in store, or use an delivery service, but do note: big box discount stores are excluded.

With up to 5X points, this is a compelling way to turn just about the only mandatory expense most cardholders are faced with right now, amid these uncertain times. Which cards earn what? We got you.

a woman sitting in a grocery store reading a piece of paperChase Cards Offering 5X On Groceries

Chase is offering 5X points for its most premium credit cards, including: Chase Sapphire Reserve, United Club Card, United Club Infinite, United Presidential Plus.

Without question, earning 5X Points with Sapphire Reserve is going to be more valuable, and a better hedge against loyalty program issues in the current market, so if you have the choice – make the right one. After all, Chase Ultimate Rewards Points can be converted into United Miles anyway, but not the other way around.

Chase Cards Offering 3X On Groceries

There are quiet a few Chase cards offering 3X on groceries, including Chase Sapphire Preferred. In addition to the Sapphire Preferred, virtually all co-branded cards from British Airways, Disney, Hyatt, Iberia, IHG, Southwest and United will earn 3X. Noticeably absent is Marriott, which struck a 6X deal on groceries for Amex cards.

Great Way To Keep Earning

Travel will return, and as long as you have expenses, it’s always best to earn the greatest rebate from them. These increased bonuses from Chase, currently on offer until June 30th, offer two solid months to rack up a bunch of valuable points, with no cap.

For some cards, the jump in earnings makes it a much more attractive option to pull out in store, or online. Earning 5X Points with Chase Sapphire Reserve creates a stronger case to hold onto the card, while travel benefits are very few in the interim.


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  1. seems like the chase bonuses are valid worldwide whereas the extra Amex points are restricted to the US? – makes a difference to be as live between us and uk but in lockdown in the UK

    1. Yes, excellent point. I believe dining bonuses are worldwide with Amex now, and if your card is a US account, with US phone etc, the statement credits would still work. But typically Chase and Citi are more international in that more benefits apply globally rather than domestically.

  2. thanks Gilbert – the language on the extra amex points definitely says US supermarkets so will stick with chase to be safe

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