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Credit cards are becoming contactless, so why can’t airports too? There’s absolutely nothing quite like checking in online, downloading a mobile boarding pass and speeding through all the checkpoints of an airport and heading directly to the bar, lounge or boarding gate, stopping only briefly for expedited security. British Airways joined an impressive list of airlines offering access to TSA PreCheck, the trusted traveler program which offers passengers quite a security upgrade, with conveniences like leaving shoes on and leaving laptops in bags. Now, the partnership works with mobile boarding pass as well…

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By entering your KTA or “known traveler number” into their flight reservations, British Airways passengers who are members of Global Entry and or TSA Pre✓ can now use the service in direct conjunction with mobile boarding passes. When British Airways added TSA PreCheck access in May, the service did not include mobile boarding passes. If someone wished to use the excellent convenience of TSA Pre, they needed to either print a boarding pass at home, or stop by an airport counter to collect one. That’s no longer the case.

How TSA Pre✓ Works

Travelers from many countries, including the United Kingdom, can register for TSA Pre✓. The service offered by the Transportation Security Administration in airports all around the USA speeds up the airport by allowing trusted traveler screening. Shoes and belts may stay on, and laptops may be left in bags. Since these lines only allow registered users who have paid the fee, they’re generally much more expedient than standard lines. Here’s how to add your KTA into your bookings…

USA Travel Made Easier

This is great news for British Airways travelers with flight plans to the United States. Simply fire up the British Airways mobile app, enter advanced passenger data and be sure to add your Global Entry or TSA Pre✓ number and you’ll be able to access TSA Pre lines using your mobile boarding pass. Just don’t cut it too close…

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  1. I’d prefer clean cabins, working screens, Wi-Fi and adequate catering for all who’ve paid for their tickets.

  2. Uk citizens applying for TSA pre check then Global;- is it usd100 total pp or usd185pp ?
    How long does it typically take to obtain global.?
    If obtaining TSA through BA and then getting Global can you confirm they are usable for any airline / destination arriving into USA or leaving USA and only for USA (not globa)?

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