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It’s official.

British Airways has now officially joined the TSA PreCheck game, helping eligible passengers escape painfully long lines at tedious airports, in favor of expedited special lanes. The more you travel, the more you’ll know that they really do save both time and effort. Without even knowing it, you may have access to the program, so here’s everything you need to know about this very positive new development which will get you through the airport and onto British Airways flights, faster.

a large group of people in a terminalGlobal Entry + PreCheck

It’s not just US citizens who are eligible for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Citizens from a steady growing number of countries are able to register for expedited entry into the US. Last month we highlighted and opportunity to complete Global Entry interviews in London. If you’ve successfully registered for Global Entry, many customers automatically receive TSA PreCheck access. If you don’t have Global Entry, you can register for TSA PreCheck on it’s own here. You’ll soon also be able to sign up at Staples stores across the USA as well.

a plane flying above the cloudsBritish Airways Joins PreCheck

British Airways has completed the necessary steps for passengers to be eligible for PreCheck lanes. These lanes, available at almost all US airports allow passengers to keep their shoes on and for laptops to stay in cases. In addition, the lines are generally for shorter. If you’re flying out of the US on British Airways, you can now use this service. To take advantage, you must enter your “known traveler number” into your booking online. Simply look on your account page, while logged in for “Known traveler number”.  This is your Global Entry or TSA PreCheck number from your card. A good explanation of where it is found can be found here.

a crowd of people in a terminalSerious Time Savings

Global Entry is worth every penny, and the addition of British AirwaysTSA PreCheck makes it a godsend. At airports such as Miami or Dallas where lines can be absolutely absurd coming and going, this combo saves hours, not minutes. We’re glad British Airways has joined onto the TSA PreCheck scheme and passengers can now benefit from this expedited service both arriving and departing the USA. If you haven’t already registered for Global Entry, you should. And for that matter, here are all the best airport fast track programs in the world.

Will you use TSA PreCheck lanes?

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  1. It’s about time! Flying club world and having to go through regular security despite having PreCheck just because it’s a BA flight (codeshares don’t count) has been a huge hassle for me (precheck lane 10 min, regular security 30+min) The last time thru PHL i was in tears from the very invasive searches. If i booked same BA flight as AA codeshare i could have used PreCheck and avoid the security assault.
    I can precheck all flights and airports except BA flights – it’s a bit late for them to finally join but will be happy on future flights.

  2. Interesting that you provide a photo of TBIT at LAX and it doesn’t have a precheck lane…

  3. BA – Jam promised tomorrow, again!
    (except this is such a basic requirement for those flying on premium tickets, they’re simply missing the sandwich (again) but still charging as though they deliver it.

  4. BA
    Just gone through lax pre check lane and it was super fast despite a very busy airport

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