British Airways received their first Airbus A350-1000 to much fanfare, and most of it was largely deserved. The airline unveiled its first “new” business class seat in almost 20 years, complete with a privacy door and the latest electronics, amid improved amenities across all cabins. Plus, the A350 is part of the new generation of planes bringing jet lag reducing cabins, with more natural air pressure, larger windows and a much quieter flying experience.

But for luxury travel fans, it was missing something big: first class. Even if you don’t typically find yourself in that end of the plane, you care because an aircraft without first class simply can’t work on some of the airlines most important premium routes, so if you want to fly it in any cabin, you can kiss that chance goodbye living in New York, Los Angeles or Hong Kong. Enter: the 787-10.

british airways 787The British Airways 787-10

British Airways has confirmed that the Boeing 787-10, the longest version of the Dreamliner, built in Charleston, South Carolina USA will offer the latest first class seat, similar to the current setup found on the British Airways Boeing 787-9. In addition, business class will feature the brand new Club Suite with privacy door. This combo, put together, makes it the most compelling aircraft the airline will have in the sky, at least until the 777X.

When Will The BA 787-10 Fly?

The plane is expected to take to the skies in the latter half of January, 2020 and the airline expects to have the new jets in destinations all over the globe in rather short working order. As of today, the 19th of November, British Airways has confirmed Atlanta as the first 787-10 destination for service starting Jan and Feb of 2020.

GSTP has independently confirmed that Seattle will also feature from July 2020 on flights 48, 49 respectively. More destinations to come…

787 First Class, But No Doors

Unfortunately, no doors, will be added to British Airways First Class on the 787-10, due to cabin width, but with just 8 seats and much greater bed width and length, it’ll be a very welcomed experience. By almost any passenger measure, the British Airways 787-9 first class seat offers greater privacy than the previous version on all other aircraft, in addition to improved electronics and comforts.

The door in the new business class “Club Suite” cabin is a great novelty, but this is first class, and it’s a superior seat with a different league of soft touch experiences, worth the upgrade for anyone who can swing it.

And since there’s first, mainline cities can expect to see this modern plane, and soon. We’ll always take a brand new plane with improved cabin pressure and lower noise over an old bird. With the newest generation Club Suite on board, business isn’t a bad consolation prize, either.

787-10 Premium Economy And Economy

Premium economy – known at British Airways as World Traveller Plus will be of the latest generation and economy – known as World Traveller will follow suit, with power ports and extra large screen, all virtually identical to what’s on board the Airbus A350. Economy features a 10” HD screen, 17” seat width and 31” of pitch – aka legroom. Premium, or World Traveller Plus will offer a 12” screen with a sizeable 18.7” of seat width, and up to 38” legroom.

British Airways First Class DiningWill The 787-10 Be British Airways Best Aircraft?

British Airways retrofitted a series of Boeing 777 aircraft featuring both first and business class which are already flying, but those feature the older – arguably quite antiquated – version of British Airways first class, without any remarkable improvements. Plus, those birds are up to 20 years old, and don’t offer the same modern cabin amenities and better air pressure you find on the newer 787 Dreamliner or Airbus A350.

When you tally in the best current British Airways first class seat, with its exceptionally good new business class “Club Suite”, premium economy and new generation economy seat, plus the latest connectivity and entertainment this is without a doubt the plane to look out for from British Airways in 2020. Basically, it should be the best experience British Airways currently offers in every cabin, not just some.

Seeing the airline take a positive step with the Airbus A350 was fantastic, but knowing that so many more passengers will get to experience the airline on its best footing gives reason to be pretty excited about flying in the next year, and beyond. As lovely as the 747 is, the Queen feels just a bit tired now.

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