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Fancy a trip, but prefer to save cash for the destination? British Airways and Avios have a stellar offer, which allows you to use relatively small amounts of points to save up to £100 on flights.

If a flight is £120, you an use just 5,000 points to make it £20. The 5,000 points cover £100 of value for a limited time, whereas they usually cover a fraction of that number. The only downside? The offer expires on Monday, August 23rd. The good news: your flights can be anytime.

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British Airways £100 Off For 5,000 Avios

British Airways has a fantastic offer to save cash on flights right now. The US also benefits, with up to $100 off, for 10,200 Avios. It’s not quite as good, but far greater value than typically offered.

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Part Pay with Avios for UK members.
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Part Pay with Avios for USA members.

The real win is for UK BA Avios users, where 5,000 Avios covers £100 per person. This is 2p per point, which is higher than even the most bullish Avios users typically rate the currency. In other words, it’s actually worth cashing in some points at this rate. To do so…

  • Search for cash flights on
  • Login to your BA account while shopping for flights.
  • When you’ve found a good cash deal, go to booking page.
  • you’ll have option to pay 5,000 points p.p. at checkout, covering £100 p.p off.

Crucially, unlike when you make bookings using points, using Avios as part payment like this, you get Avios and Tier Points on the booking.

So yes, you’ll get some of your Avios back, and also earn Tier Points towards Bronze, Silver or Gold membership with British Airways. That doesn’t happen when you book with Avios the other way.

If there’s a drawback to the offer, it’s that usage is capped at £100 per person booking. This would be deal of the year, if points could be used at these rates uncapped. Such as using 50,000 points to cover £1000. That’s pretty much fantasy, but a nice thought.

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Picture by: Nick Morrish/British Airways

Putting It All Together

This offer can be used on both long haul and short haul flights, which can reduce the cost of travel to places like the Caribbean, UAE or USA, just as easily as it can discount a trip around Europe.

The increased value of Avios expires at midnight (BST) on Monday evening, which gives the entire weekend to find a great use. I’ll be looking for cheap Club Europe business class fares in the sales, knowing I can take £100 off using just 5,000 Avios — many of which I’ll earn back as a Gold member!

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  1. Just booked 2 club europe flights to Vienna and it isn’t £100 per booking I saved £200 for 10,000 avios

  2. We are keen to use this offer to take our 3 adult children to Madrid with us. We have 5000 Avios points however when we try and get a£100 off per flight we are only getting a £60 discount for 8700 avios any ideas what we are doing wrong ?

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