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If you follow airlines closely, or even if you don’t, you’ve probably heard that Singapore Airlines is really nice. Spoiler alert: it really is. From the back to the front, Singapore are near the top of the game in comfort and amenities, and right now they’re also leading in another category: low fares to Australia in business class. With round trip journeys of around 40 hours in the sky, that’s fairly handy. Oh, and New Zealand is in play too…

a row of colorful beach hutsThe Flight Deals To Oz

Australia gets so many things right, with unmatched outdoor lifestyle, enviable work-life balance and food scenes drawing from the best of the world. Plus, the beaches are just dreamy. Singapore Airlines has excellent deals to Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne at the moment with the airlines Airbus A350, which is one of the best planes for beating jet lag in the sky.

The best deals are available from Nordic cities like Gothenburg, Stockholm and Oslo, with the lowest deals found between Stockholm, Adelaide and Brisbane. Melbourne is just £100 higher at £1805, as is Auckland, New Zealand.

In case you’re new to deals such as these, for journeys like this it can absolutely be worth flying from a nearby city and buying a flight (or using points) to get there, since the savings can be massive. In other words, even though these deals leave from Stockholm, someone in London could really benefit, given that they’ll save at least £1000 per person versus booking tickets from London…

a plane flying in the skyThe Dates You Can Travel

The best prices are available in March, April and May of 2020, and then return again from August through until the end of the year. That’s handy, because Australia in late March or early April is lovely and end of year is peak time!

Finding the lowest prices requires at least a seven night trip, but considering you’ll spend at least one of those in the air, that shouldn’t be a big deal. Australia is easily worth a couple weeks, and if you don’t quite believe it, there’s always New Zealand next door to pass some time…

Singapore Airlines Business Class A350How To Book These Flight Steals

These flights can be found with ease on Google Flights, Singapore Airlines or your favourite online travel agency, but we made some easy links which take you directly to the lowest prices on Skyscanner. Just click, change to a date that works for you and find something brilliant, like…

Here’s a complete guide to making the most of your time in Melbourne, and a few ideas for New Zealand if you go that route. Ah, and don’t forget that you need an ETA to visit New Zealand now. Also, don’t forget to earn a boat load of miles from this trip, so that you can go somewhere “for free” when you get back. Enjoy!

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  1. Exactly what Ash said! 🤷🏼‍♀️ I actually bought one of these deals a little while ago Stockholm to Australia with Singapore Airlines for £2.2k round trip. Still a good deal!

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