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In any normal year, which this totally isn’t, the best you can typically hope to earn on rewards credit card spending is around 5X points. And 5X is amazing! But right now, Amex has up to 225,000 points and 10X earning on spending to prove that this is not a normal year, but it may be getting better with each day.

Those exciting credit card welcome bonuses everyone loves? Those typically top out around 100,000 points, and most Amex Platinum bonuses top out at 60,000. But in this unusual time, card issuers are competing to be the card you pull out of your wallet on each transaction, and it could be a brilliant time to consider beefing up future travel perks with Amex Platinum.

If you’ve been considering joining those frustratingly happy people hanging out in Amex Centurion Airport Lounges before a flight, or you enjoy 4PM late checkout on hotel stays, Amex has a ridiculously lucrative new opportunity to join them, via a Platinum Card offer bringing up to 225,000 points within the first six months.

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Amex Platinum Huge 75,000 + 10X Offer

Amex Platinum, despite the $550 annual fee, has become an easier and easier card to justify holding onto in recent years. That’s only continued in recent months, thanks to a series of limited time fee credits (money off purchases), elite status perks in travel, and special offers on things you may actually want to buy which offset the fee entirely, or more.

With travel rebounding but not nearly at rates we experienced before, it’s expected to be an incredible year to see the world (with many people still sitting things out), and Amex has brought back a huge offer on the Platinum Card, with spending benefits you can reap today, via a two tiered offer.

You care, because all together they can add up to 225,000 points rather quickly, which is enough to fuel almost any future luxury adventure, whenever it may be.

The card is offering a 75,000 Membership Rewards Points welcome bonus after $5k in spending within the first 6 months, but also gives you 10X Points on the first $15,000 of spend on US Supermarkets and Gas Stations for the first six months in addition.

Card Match Tool may have better offers, but not everyone will be eligible for targeted offers, whereas everyone can enjoy this bonus.

  • Spend $5,000 in 6 months, get 75,000 Amex Points.
  • Plus, 10X Points on your first $15,000 at U.S. Supermarket + Gas Stations.

Basically, if you’re spending a total of $20,000 on the card in the first six months, which comes to $3,333 per month – you could earn at least 225,000 Amex Points, which easily becomes one of the best ever welcome bonuses on any rewards credit card. Gas prices are going up, btw…

If you spend $5,000 to trigger the bonus in the first six months, but spend it all on U.S. Supermarkets and Gas, you’d end up with the 75,000 points, plus an additional 50,000 from the 10x on $5k. Make sense? You can check out the offer here.

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Platinum Fee Credits And Limited Time Benefits

Thinking $550 for a credit card is a steep expense to justify right now? Perhaps, but not if you can come out ahead and actually benefit your travels, via the many fee credits Amex Platinum cardholders enjoy right now…

  • $200 annual airline fee credit.
  • $15 in monthly Uber/UberEats credit ($180 min value).
  • $100 in Saks 5th Avenue credit annually.

Total: $480, if used in full.

On top of these standard fee credits offered by the Platinum Card, Amex has some exclusive discounts on US airfare right now, and limited time travel oriented offers which add to the $480 in fee credits established above, including…

  • $100 credit on Fine Hotels & Resorts experiences.
  • $9.99 monthly credit for UberEats Pass.

These number could go even higher if new fee credits are added, or current limited time credits are extended by Amex.That’s all potentially more money back in perks than the $550 annual fee, before even beginning to value in the things Amex Platinum is famous for.

Think: lounge access at airports – potentially worth $100’s – elite guest status from Hilton and Marriott, also potentially worth $100’s – and hotel perks like ‘third night free’ offers, room upgrades, 4pm late check out and more, via Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts.

Basically, there’s a few ways to offset the annual fee entirely, many of which don’t even require leaving the house or getting out of your sweatpants. Don’t lie, we’re all doing it.

If you, like many people, are using this time to cook more and stock the pantry, the 10x points earning at U.S. Supermarkets and Gas Stations is extraordinary. It’d be hard to blame you if you stood there and offered to pump everyone’s gas, or buy everyone’s groceries on your Platinum card in exchange for cash!

If you max out that 10X spending offer, you’d earn 150,000 additional points, on top of the 75,000 point welcome bonus.

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225,000 Points Can Go Far

With the increased 75,000 point offer, even if you only manage another $5,000 in spending in the first six months on groceries and gas – less than $1000 a month – it still adds up to a gigantic 125,000 point welcome, thanks to the 10x points earned.

Here’s a look at the 18 luxury travel reasons Amex Platinum is worth it, and the best ways to spend Amex Points.

If you’ve been considering Amex Platinum, or hadn’t at all, this is one of the best ever times to take the plunge, given the huge fee credits, massive welcome bonus and the optimistic news that travel will return to some level of normalcy within a year.

Check out this stunning limited time offer from Amex bringing up to 225,000 points.

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  1. Do you know if there’s an equivalent enhanced bonus for UK Platinum Amex cards?

    Have looked previously and don’t tend to see these same great deals for us across the pond!

    Love the blog, thanks for doing what you do.

  2. A simple incognito search will provide a link offering 100k in sign up points rather than 75k.

    The Platinum Card®
    Annual Fee: $550¤†
    Earn 100,000 Membership Rewards® Points + 10x Points at U.S. Gas Stations & U.S. Supermarkets

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