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Who says a travel rewards card needs to involve getting on a plane or sleeping in a hotel to benefit right now? Certainly not Amex, though they’ve added plenty of perks for those who do.

The credit card giant is in the midst of mega makeovers on a wide range of rewards cards, adding “tasty” value in ways people can enjoy today, without leaving home.

It may only be temporary, but if you’ve got an Amex Green, Gold or Platinum, Marriott Bonvoy, Delta SkyMiles or Hilton Honors card, it’s a good week for you! Here’s a look at the temporary benefits being added to each card, which center around food…

Uber ‘Eats Pass’ For Green, Gold, Platinum

Amex is offering consumers who hold the Amex Green, Gold or Platinum Card a year of ‘Eats Pass’ from Uber, which is similar to the DoorDash ‘DashPass’ benefit for Chase cardholders. It’s a money saver, if you order from UberEats!

The $9.99 a month subscription means $0 delivery fees, and 5% off food orders over $15, and also no fee on grocery orders over $30. It’s worth around $120 a year, which is a nice added benefit, particularly as Gold and Platinum each already benefit from $120+ in Uber and UberEats credit to spend on the actual orders, or rides.

You can enroll here.

Oh, and in case you’re living under a rock, Amex brought back the Rose Gold edition of the Gold Card, so if you’re looking to style up your wallet, you can swap over to Rose Gold which has 4X earning on dining, takeout and delivery.

It’s not clear whether this ‘EatsPass’ benefit will become a long term additional perk, or simply to tide members over until next year as travel begins to rebound. Either way, it’s a new perk with real savings at play!

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Restaurant Dining Credit For Hilton, Marriott and Delta Cards

If you hold a Delta Amex, a Hilton Amex or a Marriott Amex card, today is tasty! Most cards in these portfolios have a new ‘Amex Offer’, which brings at least $5 of credit for restaurant take out, delivery or dining in, and some cards are offering $20 per month.

According to Doctor of Credit, Amex has new, non-targeted offers for people who hold the: Delta Amex Gold, Delta Amex Platinum, Delta Amex Reserve, Hilton Aspire, Hilton Surpass, Hilton Honors, or Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant cards, each bringing some money towards dining.

The new perk only applies to people who were cardholders before Jan 1, 2021.

Here’s how the new offer breaks down…

  • $20 monthly dining credit for Delta Reserve, Hilton Aspire or Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant cardholders through the end of 2021.
  • $15 monthly dining credit for Delta Platinum Amex cardholders through 2021.
  • $10 monthly dining credit for Hilton Aspire, Delta Amex Gold and Bonvoy cardholders through 2021.
  • $5 monthly dining credit for no-fee Hilton Amex through 2021.

Obviously, the big things to note are that you’ll need to register for these offers by logging into your applicable travel card on American Express, and going to Amex Offers. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to unlock up to $20 a month back on spend at most US restaurants, which is a cool way to support the community.

Things like UberEats or DoorDash should work for the co-branded Hilton, Delta or Marriott monthly fee credits, and direct purchases from restaurant absolutely should too. In fact…

GSTP recommends to try and deal directly with restaurants, where possible. Fun fact: most delivery platforms charge the restaurant a cut of the order or a fee to be on the platform, so you may actually be helping out the restaurant by ordering direct.

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Exciting Fee Credits: Keep Em’ Coming

Just about every Amex Card benefits from something with these new temporary measures, and that’s worth a cheers. Restaurants are in dire need of support all over the USA, and $5-$20 a month in “free food” just for holding a credit card makes it easier to support.

The addition of the Eats Pass from UberEats for Amex Green, Gold and Platinum Cards is also a fantastic savings for anyone in an area where you can benefit, which brings big added value during the downturn in travel.

Amex Platinum has arguable done more than any other card on the market to add fee credits and perks this year, including up to 20% off airfare, and lucrative by 2 get 1 free deals on hotels.

For many people, 2021 seemed like a year to cancel travel rewards credit cards, but with perks worth more than the annual fees being dished out right now, without the need to leave home, there’s a lot to love…

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    1. Uber’s EatsPass is a monthly ‘fee’, so you’re receiving credit for the monthly fee. I’ll be happy to debate further pedantic issues at any point, as opposed to continuing to enjoy the actual body of the content.

  1. Regarding the Uber Eats Pass, you write that it includes “no fee on grocery orders over $30.” I wasn’t aware that Uber Eats has grocery delivery. Is this only in certain areas?

  2. Ahh, I found it. Limited stores in a few cities, with a very liberal interpretation of “grocery”. In my area, only 7-11, which isn’t what I would think of for groceries.

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