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Do looks matter with a rewards credit card? The emergence of mobile wallets where you don’t physically bring your wallet anymore may say no, but when a card is packed with best in category spending perks, and a bevy of helpful credits which combine style and substance, it can be a fun part of the package.

The American Express Rose Gold Card looks awesome. Full stop.

As far as style points go, it’s hard to think of a card with more flex when you drop it on the table than the renewed Rose Gold Amex. Ok, scratch that, the Amex Black is the ultimate flex, but Rose Gold is here to stay, and it’s a fun option for anyone consider Amex Gold for their rewards earning portfolio.

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Amex Rose Gold Returns For Good!

Amex Rose Gold became a cult sensation.

When American Express launched two distinct new flavors to the classic Gold Card years back, phone lines were alight with customers who wanted to get their hands on the fashion and style forward card update. But before most could get their hands on the new design, it was gone. And it stayed that way.

While there’s still talk of American Express launching a new premium card called Titanium, the Rose Gold is the latest option for people interested in the Amex Gold Card (review). When you complete an application, you’re eligible to pick whether you’d like the classic Gold Card, or Rose Gold.

New $120 Uber & UberEats Card Benefits

The launch of the new color is also the launch of a flexible new annual benefit: $10 in Uber, or UberEats credits monthly. This amounts to $120 a year, and replaces the previous, semi hard to use airline fee credits, which could apply to select items.

The airline credits came in handy, but couldn’t be used for airfare, so Uber or UberEats should be easier to actually use for most, particularly with many people still cautiously approaching travel, but maintaining eating regimes with vengeance. No judgement here.

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Combined with the other $10 monthly dining credit offer, the card, which brings 4X on dining, delivery and grocery spending now offers a combined $240 in food credits each year, which ain’t bad for a card with a $250 annual fee and loads of other travel perks, like $100 credit on Amex Travel ‘The Hotel Collection’ stays of two nights or more.

You can earn that $100 property credit to use on your stays an unlimited amount of times, which means this $250 a year card can be a huge money saver, if you frequent hotels and book via Amex Travel.

Amex Rose Gold is here to stay, and the 60,000 point welcome bonus is an attractive way to dive into this ‘must have’ for foodies and people who spend heavily on dining and take out. You can check out the offer here.

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