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Don’t stress about which credit card, just get them all! Ha!

Credit card points unlock exponentially enjoyable travel. That’s because you can take your credit card points, and convert them into miles with many different airlines or hotels. Rather than being locked into one airline or hotel program, you can pick and choose how you use your points on a case by case basis – and the more you do, the more you realize that each time you use points, a different program is often best.

To make your points life as simple and flexible as possible, check out these programs, which allow you to convert points from all three major credit card groups. There are some great points redemptions to be had…

a bed and chairs in a planeSingapore Airlines

Key Use: Singapore’s KrisFlyer loyalty program offers monthly “Spontaneous Escapes”, where the number of miles required to places all around the world is reduced. This month you can enjoy business class between Los Angeles, San Francisco and Singapore for 65,000 points, or premium on the world’s longest flight for just 40,000 points one way. Each month changes.

Other Ideas: Singapore doesn’t add surcharges to their own flights, and no points fanatic bucket list is complete without a trip in Singapore Suites. Flights between Tokyo and Singapore give you 7 hours to test it out for 65,000 points. There are a few great tricks to the Singapore Air program like waitlisting for an unlimited number of seats as well.

a row of seats in a planeAir France / KLM Flying Blue

Key Use: Flying Blue have their own monthly “promo awards” offers, where great seats in all cabins require fewer points. This can allow you to unlock business class between the U.S. or Canada and Europe for just 43,375 points one way, and that’s before even factoring in the frequent bonuses offered for transferring points from your credit card program to FlyingBlue.

Other Ideas: FlyingBlue can offer great value on Delta flights between the U.S. and Europe, and does not add surcharges to these flights. A U.S. to Europe flight can be as low as 58,000 points and $23 one way in business, and economy rates are even better. Better yet, availability can be very good, and the “flexible” dates tool allows you to see availability with ease.

the interior of a planeVirgin Atlantic

Key Use: If you love Japan, New Zealand or Delta (hopefully in that order), Virgin’s Flying Club program offers excellent rates on airline partners ANA, Air New Zealand and you guessed it, Delta. Round trip first class from the U.S. or Europe to Japan is a mere 120,000 points, and 12 hours of business class between Asia and New Zealand is just 40,000 points one way. Delta One Suites can be had from the U.S. to Asia for 60,000 points.

Other Ideas: Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles can be great for upgrades from premium economy to business class. They’re also really useful for intra U.S. flights on Delta, at decent rates. This includes transcontinental flights which Delta has a habit of charging vastly more miles for.

Learn more about transferable points here.

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