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Krug and a bed in the skies, what’s not to love?

There is no more destination more rewarding than Japan. It’s an experience not just for your taste buds, eyes and heart, but also your soul. There’s no place that draws more awe inspiring pride, craftsmanship and tradition, and it’s virtually impossible not to feel connected to whichever city you visit, in a way you’ve likely never-ever felt before. In pursuit of your life changing trip, there’s no better way to start, than by enjoying private suites, with fully flat beds the whole way. Here’s how to turn your Amex Points into the trip of a lifetime…

a person holding a phoneMaximizing Amex Points

American Express just launched a points transfer bonus, where you receive 30% more points when you convert your points from the American Express Membership Rewards program to the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Yes, to do this you’ll need a card that earns Membership Rewards Points, and also a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account, which is free (and easy) to create. Thanks to the bonus, 1 Amex Point would become 1.3 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Points.

Up To $20,000 In Value

To be abundantly clear: you’re not going to end up flying Virgin Atlantic, even though that’s where you’re transferring your Amex Points. You’ll be booking with Virgin Atlantic, for flights with their airline partners. Virgin Atlantic offers two of the very best options for flights to Japan from the U.S. or Europe, including the brand new Delta One Suites with privacy doors, and ANA First Class – which needs no introduction. Both highly luxurious ways to fly are available for under 100,000 points round trip, thanks to this brilliant transfer opportunity. ANA First Class retails for roughly $20,000 – which is a hell of a value for fewer than 100,000 points all in!

a row of seats in an airplane94,000 Points For Delta One Suites Round Trip From USA

Virgin Atlantic charges 60,000 points each way for business class between the U.S. and Asia on their partner Delta Airlines. Delta has just added a variety of U.S. routes to Tokyo featuring their newest and very best Suites, with privacy doors, which makes this far from the average business class experience. The first step here is to find flight availability by searching for Delta flights on the Virgin Atlantic website. Assuming you find some availability, you can then call Virgin Atlantic to put the flights on hold, while your points transfer in from Amex. If you’ve already got the points, you can book online in one go!

Hot tip: The Virgin Atlantic site doesn’t want to show you this Delta availability. To make it work, search for a Virgin Atlantic route like London to Hong Kong first, and press “paying with miles”. After running that search, make sure “pay with miles” is still selected, and click the location icon to the right of the departure and arrival cities, to enter a Delta One route from the U.S. to Japan. Next, select “Upper Class” and you’ll see the Delta results. You can view an entire month of availability, which will be shown at 60,000 points.

a bed with a computer on it95,000 Points For ANA First Class From USA Or UK, Europe

ANA First Class is unquestionably one of the most satisfying ways to fly – anywhere. With fine dining, incredible service and a wildly spacious bed, you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy every second. Virgin Atlantic charges just 120,000 points round trip from East Coast USA and the UK, Europe for round trip first class. Business class would require 95,000 points round trip. Utilizing this American Express to Virgin Atlantic transfer bonus, you’d need just 95,000 Amex Points for round trip first class. 95,000 Amex Points would convert to 120,000 Virgin Atlantic miles, which you can then use to book ANA First Class. To do so, you’ll want to follow the steps in this guide.

Hot tip: ANA releases one first class seat at a time on each flight. If you’d like to travel with more than one person, consider booking one first class seat and one separate business class seat. When and if ANA releases another first class seat, you can get notified, and then pay the additional miles for the First Class experience.

Invalid request error occurred.Limited Time Amex Transfer Bonus Opportunity

The American Express to Virgin Atlantic transfer bonus is valid for U.S. cardmembers only. Sadly, the UK and other markets can’t take advantage of the better than 1:1 rate. This bonus will expire on September 12th, 2018, so any transfers to Virgin Atlantic must be made before that date. You’ll automatically receive the bonus, by logging into your Amex account and selecting to transfer points to Virgin Atlantic. If you don’t already have a Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account, you’ll need to create one and link it with your Amex. You won’t be able to book your ANA or Delta flights via Virgin Atlantic without one. Enjoy the trip. And here are a few tips for visiting Japan.

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  1. Great article, Love that you highlight little known routes and great redemption options. What are the surcharges like for each of these options when using Virgin Atlantic miles?

    1. Thanks Michael. ANA you’re looking at round trip under $300, Delta under $180. One ways from the U.S. are around $5.60 on Delta, slightly more on ANA. Cheers!

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