You may want to close your eyes. Though there are a few good options left in economy, seats for the most part are getting smaller. And unfortunately for many – flights are not getting any shorter. Advanced, fuel efficient open up new possibilities, allowing airlines to target more direct, point to point flights. That means longer flights. This year, at least two new flights will rock the world’s longest list.

Qatar Airways presently operate the longest flight in the world between Doha, Qatar and Auckland, New Zealand. The flight can last up to a shocking 18 hours 20 minutes and unless Singapore re-launch New York to Singapore service, it will retain the longest flight in the world record. But come March, a new flight record will be broken. Qantas will offer the worlds first ever regularly scheduled non stop flight between Europe and Australia. The flight, spanning 9,008 miles will be operated by a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. So – what will the new list look like?

10. Emirates – Dubai to Los Angeles – Airbus A380 – 8,321 miles. 

9. Etihad – Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles – Boeing 777-200LR – 8,372 miles. 

8. Delta – Johannesburg to Atlanta – Boeing 777-200LR – 8,439 miles. 

7. Singapore/United – San Francisco to Singapore – A350-9 /787-9 – 8,446 miles.

6. Qantas – Dallas to Sydney – Airbus A380 – 8,574 miles. 

5. United – Houston to Sydney – Boeing 787-900 – 8,596 miles. 

4. United – Los Angeles To Singapore- Boeing 787-900 – 8,770 miles. 

3. Emirates – Auckland to Dubai – Airbus A380 – 8,818 miles. 

2. Qantas – London to Perth (Beginning in March) – Boeing 787-900 – 9,008 miles. 

1. Qatar – Auckland to Doha – Boeing 777-200LR – 9,025 miles. 

There’s never been a more important time to look at upgrade options, or tips to survive economy like a professional traveler. The next few years will prove to be a fascinating time in air travel, as ultra light composite aircraft and fuel efficient engines combine to unlock new distances.

What route would you like to see launched?



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