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Math can be hard, but not when it comes to earning rates on your rewards credit card. Like, would you rather earn 1X points for every dollar you spend, or 5x points? I’ll take the 5X, please. Chase is making that easy.

Chase has some great spending offers out right now, which make it all too easy to earn a boatload of extra points which can fuel future travels or cash back with bonus points on spending up to 10x points. Not that anyone’s complaining.

Even better, all reports suggest more people are being targeted for these awesome earning bonuses every day! Here’s all the offers available right now to a wide variety of cardholders which bring a lovely 5x-10x bonus to your spending, unlocking your next great getaway faster.

a hand holding a credit card

Chase Limited Time Offers

Chase has limited time spending offers on quite a few cards, including airline cards, hotel cards, Amazon and the usual suspects like the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Sapphire Reserve and Chase Freedom.

Many of these offers were set to expire on June 15th, but many have been extended and a new batch, good through August 15th, has also launched early.

5X is always the dream in the credit card rewards game, and there are so many ways to get there at the moment, or do much better! Some cards are offering 8,9 or 10X! Earning 5X or more can equate to 5% cash back, or better, which is a tremendous return on spending!

From Peloton to “everything you buy”, here’s how to get the most from your Chase cards this summer, and why you might even want to add one.

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5X On United, Marriott, Hyatt, IHG, Disney And Southwest Chase Cards

If you have a Chase ‘co-branded’ card with United, Marriott, Disney, IHG or Hyatt, there may be a lucrative offer just a couple clicks away. Chase has 5x offers on all spending for most cardmembers holding these cards, but the catch is that you have to register first with Chase ‘My Bonus’.

These are technically “targeted”, but all data reports suggest just about everyone is eligible, and just needs to register to reap the 5x benefits on all spending.

If you weren’t targeted previously for a Chase spending offer, it’s worth checking again, because Chase has rolled out new offers valid through August 15th, early.

Initially, many people checked and weren’t eligible, but since then the floodgates seem to have opened and new offers have been extended through September.

Simply head over to the ‘My Bonus’ site and complete the registration steps. If your card somehow isn’t included, better luck next time. This is a great way to rack up extra airline miles, hotel points or other perks while travel may still be on hold.

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5-10X On Peloton

In case you aren’t “over” the incessant posts from friends on social media letting the entire world know they ride Peloton, or are actually thinking of joining in the “fun”, the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve have super compelling offers on all things Peloton.

First, there’s 5-10x points on the purchase of bikes and treads. So yeah, if you buy one of those super expensive, but arguably very worth it Peloton Bikes, you’ll earn either 5x or 10x points, depending which card you have. The 10X goes to Sapphire Reserve, and 5X for Sapphire Preferred cardholders.

Next, there’s $60-$120 in statement credits with both cards. So once you’ve given in and bought a bike, Preferred cardholders get $60 towards their digital or “all access” memberships, and Sapphire Reserve cardholders receive $120 in statement credits.

Crunching the numbers, a Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholder who purchases the original Peloton bike for $1895 ($2k after tax) would earn 20,580 points, which could be converted into 20,000 airline miles or hotel points, or used as cash towards travel purchases on the Chase Travel site for a value of $308.

And obviously, in addition, $120 in statement credits would cover at least a couple months of membership too.

If you don’t have the $95 a year Chase Sapphire Reserve, $60 back on Peloton during a all time high bonus offer of 80,000 points worth $1000 towards travel is an attractive time to jump in. To take advantage of the Peloton credits, you must purchase by the 31st of December, 2021.

10X Points On Chase Dining

Chase Dining isn’t exactly new, but it’s had a huge makeover this year making it so much more attractive and delicious. Chase launched a cool partnership with takeout, delivery and “hard to get” reservation app ‘Tock’, which now fuels the Dining platform.

This means you can order things like multi course chef’s tasting menus from top restaurants, or cocktail to go kits from cool cocktail dens pivoting to the ever changing world we live in, in addition to daily basics like a good ole’ pizza delivery.

Even more importantly, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Sapphire Reserve cardholders can earn 10x Ultimate Rewards Points when they give it a whirl, and can then keep on earning 10X points when they do it again, and again. To access Chase Dining, you go into the Chase app or website, select Ultimate Rewards, then click ‘Dining‘.

If you don’t yet have the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve, check out the latest welcome offers, bringing big time points!

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  1. Data points…

    3 of my 5 Chase co-brand cards were targeted for this and 2 of 3 of my wife’s co-brand Chase cards were targeted.

    Here’s how it played out:
    P1 Hyatt
    P1 old IHG
    P1 new IHG
    P2 Hyatt
    P2 Marriott

    NOT Eligible:
    P1 Marriott
    P1 Ritz Carlton
    P2 old IHG

    I’m excited by the 5x on all spend for the Hyatt cards as that’s a good value proposition. 5x on Marriott is less so given that in many categories I can earn 3-5x spend with the right card anyways. 5x on IHG is even less compelling, especially after the recent devaluation.

  2. I’ve had a 5x-on-everything offer on my Chase BA card since April (good through June 30), and have been racking up Avios on loads of everyday spending. Since I’m Platinum Pro with AA and live in an AA hub, it’s useful to have a bunch of Avios on hand.

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