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Update: Chase says the 100,000 point offer will expire on October 6th.

With most rewards credit cards you’re either buying in because of a huge welcome bonus, or fantastic long term card perks. Rarely, can you find a card which covers both, without lots of time spent weighing the pros and cons.

In that sense, the latest Chase Sapphire Preferred welcome bonus is a rare and wonderful opportunity.

Now, it’s even better than first reported. A rumor of extremely positive changes coming to the Sapphire Preferred became reality on August 15th, including more 3X earning categories, like dining and a 10% rebate on all the points you spend.

It’s unlikely this stellar bonus will last much longer, now that the card has added even more value to its portfolio of benefits.

For a limited time, Chase has a mega 100,000 point offer on the Sapphire Preferred Card, which combines some of the most thoughtful, valuable and semi under the radar travel benefits, with at least $1250 in value from the welcome bonus, if used remotely well. You can do much better, too!

In fact, just about any travel purchase via Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel will secure that $1250 value, and for a limited time that excellent rate of reward applies to some other purchases too.

Here’s why it might be time to give in to the “hype” this top notch rewards credit card carries, particularly with the bonus slated to disappear very soon.

a hand holding a blue card

Chase Sapphire Preferred 100,000 Point Welcome

Chase has its highest ever bonus on the Sapphire Preferred Card right now, which offers 100,000 Ultimate Rewards Points, which can be converted into airline miles with a variety of airlines, or hotel points with a variety of hotel rewards programs – or used as cash for a value of $1250 towards travel on Chase Travel.

If you want added flexibility for your travel, the points can be used at a fix rate at Chase Travel (1.25 cents per point) for any travel purchase, giving you $1250 in travel (100,000 x 1.25 cents per point) to plan something awesome. Airbnb has also been added as a way to use points at this rate!

So if you were to find a business class ticket for $1500, you could pay just $250 in cash, with your new points covering the rest, using the bonus!

Fun fact: If you happen to carry the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card too, you can get at least $1,500 of value out of these points, by moving them between your cards, thanks to the increased value per point that the Sapphire Reserve offers. Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds.

This incredible travel rewards card welcome bonus comes after you’ve spent $4,000 in total on the card, in the first 3 months of card membership.

That’s about $1333 per month in spending, which after rent, utilities and phones won’t likely be too hard for most people to hit. Even students can probably get there on books, pizza and other extra curricular activities, whatever they may be!

Chase Sapphire Preferred Key Travel Benefits

Who doesn’t like travel perks, money to spend during trip delays or being able to decline collision coverage on a rental car because your card offers it automatically?

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card may not be quite as seductive on the face as some ultra premium cards with $550+ annual fees, but with a $95 annual fee and at least $1250 back in year one, there’s a lot to love, right from the start.

Chase Sapphire Preferred travel benefits can get you $500 to spend for necessities in times of travel delays, or up to $10,000 per traveler when cancellations happen and primary rental car coverage, and these benefits can be worth $100’s each year too. In fact, they can greatly, if not completely offset the modest annual fee.

And now there’s even 5-10X points at Peloton and a variety of other spending offers, in case you’re the one person on earth who has avoided ordering one, other than me, and want to earn big points when you do!

Update: Chase’s card updates mean the card now offers 3X earning on dining and streaming with the Chase Sapphire Card, in addition to 5X points on hotels, flights and car rentals booked through Chase Travel, compared to 2X before.

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ANA business class. Yes, it looks like First Class, and feels like it too…

Chase Travel Transfer Partners Are Great

If you don’t want to just cash in your points for $1250 in travel as you wish, for things like booking airline tickets or hotel stays with cash, you can always transfer them to Chase Ultimate Rewards Transfer Partners, to convert your credit card points into airline miles or hotel points. Yep, you’d have 100,000 airline miles or hotel points!

The list of Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer partners includes airlines like: United, Singapore, Virgin Atlantic, Aeroplan, British Airways, Southwest and Air France, and also hotels like Hilton, Hyatt and Marriott.

Points transfer at at least 1:1, so 100,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards Points is going to bring you at least 100,000 in any of those points programs if you transfer them over.

Things like USA to Japan in business class round trip can be had for 90K-95K Virgin Atlantic Points, for flights on Virgin’s airline partner ANA (without huge surcharges), so that’s one aspirational way to enjoy 20+ hours of round trip flat bed flying from just over one welcome bonus.

Here’s a bunch of great ways to spend the 100,000 point bonus.

Really, the card is fantastic, the welcome offer is compelling and if you’re looking for a low annual fee card with big travel benefits and a bonus which can unlock $1250+ in travel after realistic spending in your first year, there’s a whole lot to love.

Check out the Chase Sapphire Preferred 100,000 Point (worth at least $1250 on travel) offer here. There’s no telling how long it’ll last.

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  1. Can one qualify for the bonus if one already received a CSP bonus 2 years ago? Or do you have to wait 4 years?

    1. I believe for Sapphire’s it’s 4 years, I’ll double check, as this could have changed, but that’s my understanding. If you have a partner who can, etc, great way to double up in the meantime. Great question.

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