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Even if you’re in Europe, India or Asia, getting to Cairo or Muscat is cheap, making these round trip deals very attractive for people all over the world…

Qatar Airways has taken over Meridiana and rebranded it Air Italy. But it’s not just branding, Air Italy will begin using Qatar Airways planes, featuring fully flat beds and refined service. They’re kicking off the partnership by ramping up competition to the US, offering ridiculous $598 round trip tickets in flat bed business class from Cairo to New York City. That’s a truly insane price. If that’s not good enough, for $1700 you can fly Qatar Airways jaw dropping fully private QSuites, complete with fully closed door, HD massive screen and dine on demand for $1700 round trip out of Muscat. These are raging deals – and they won’t last long!

a city street with many tall buildings and people crossing itThe Deals

Qatar Airways have stepped up the competition on their Gulf neighbors, dropping prices on their simply outstanding business class to just $1700 round trip from Muscat to New York. But for $598 round trip you can experience flat beds on Air Italy, using Qatar Airways planes! The Air Italy flights will stop in Milan, which make for a great stopover, while the Muscat flights will go to New York direct from Doha on either Airbus A350 or Boeing 777.

Note: For now, these flights only earn miles with British Airways. If Air Italy joins OneWorld, which they’re expected to do – they could potentially earn miles and status points with any OneWorld frequent flyer program like American, JAL, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Qantas. Until then. If it happens before July, you’re in luck. If not, you fly in a bed…

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The Dates

The $598 deals are available in July and August from CAI to JFK. The $1700 deals from Muscat are available almost any day of the year, all year- up until December 7th, 2018. That’s truly incredible. Flights operate from all over the Middle East and elsewhere to Muscat, making this easy for lots of travelers.

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How To Book

For the $598 deals, use Google Flights. You can see the best deals here and we recommend booking with CheapOair. For the QSuites deals, you can search and book these deals on Qatar Airways website. Using Qatar’s 7 day calendar you’ll easily find the best prices. Booking direct ensures the best customer service and easiest way to select seats, make changes and so forth. If you want guaranteed QSuites, you’ll want to book the Boeing 777 flights. If you’re booking later in the year, we hear the game changing A350 with QSuites will be operating to New York soon. One can only hope!

Are you taking advantage of these incredible deals?

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  1. Actually, this also earns on Iberia Avios, at a better rate then on BA, so for business you’d earn 150% of distance flown (vs 125% on BA) Iberia also transfers to BA directly, free, so no point crediting to BA. I can pull up the flights just about anywhere but Air Italy’s own site. Try kayak or momondo, Alonzo.

  2. CAI-JFK is available via OTA’s. Amazing fare.

    Note you only earn Avios with BA, not Tier Points.

    Also the article is a little misleading where it says ‘…offering ridiculous $598 round trip tickets in flat bed business class from Cairo to New York City. That’s a truly insane price.’ Pretty sure the CAI-MXP-CAI sectors are on a 737?

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