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And Australia is available too…

Update: Oneworld flights on Cathay Pacific are available too. Link below.

It’s official: Europe has been experiencing a record long drought when it comes to business class fares to the South Pacific. Though recent years have offered flash brilliance as low as £1300, there just hasn’t been a deal which gets you to Australia or New Zealand in comfort for under £1700.

By all accounts, today’s deal is expensive – but it’s also really nice. We’re talking about one of the world’s five best business class experiences, on their two very best planes: the Airbus A350 and  double deck A380. Surprisingly, even though Singapore Airlines is one of the absolute nicest ways to travel in business class, these deals are also pretty much the lowest from Europe at the moment.

sydney australia the butlerThe Australia and New Zealand Deals

There just aren’t many journeys as long as the one from Western Europe to New Zealand. Even as you pass over lovely Australia, you’ve still got hours to go. Sigh. But when you’re up in business class on Singapore Airlines, a perennial five star airline, aboard the Airbus A350 or the A380, you may actually want it to take longer.

Singapore Airlines has launched aggressive business class deals from Stockholm to New Zealand, with prices to Australia around £50-£100 more. As usual, these deals mean that it could be well worth using a cheap flight, or a few airline miles to get yourself to Stockholm, since the prices are generally thousands lower than prices from elsewhere in Europe.

All the Stockholm deals depart on an Airbus A350, which is one of the newest and best planes in the sky,  helping to reduce jet lag with improved cabin pressure and reduced noise. In Singapore, you’ll connect onto an Airbus A380, or perhaps stay on the A350, depending on your final destination. For Auckland, it’s A380.

Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne are also available in a similar price range, around £1950 return on the same range of dates.

singapore airlines a350 business classThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals are available on select dates in 2019 at slightly higher prices, but if you want £1897 or perhaps even a few bucks lower, you’ll want to focus on February, March and April of 2020. To get the lowest prices you typically need trips at least one week long, but much longer is fine too.

Sydney Opera House with pointed roof and a body of waterHow To Book These Deals

Don’t fear, we’ve made links which take you directly to the lowest prices. Auckland is the lowest priced option, but Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are all in the £1900 range. It’s crazy expensive, sure, but it’s the lowest and nicest option out right now. Simply play around with dates after clicking the links and then book something great. Here are the best deals, like…

Here’s a great guide for 10 things to do in Sydney and some inspiration for New Zealand. If you’re planning to visit both Australia and New Zealand, here’s a helpful guide which will make the whole planning part easier! Cheers.

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  1. europe doesnt use the pound as the currency, so unless you think you only write for Brits, i found it dumb for you to complain about European fares being too expensive for Brexiters.

    1. Thanks for reading, MK. Poke around the site and you’ll find prices listed in USD, EUR and GBP. If you’re curious, the US and UK comprise a massive chunk of our readership. Hopefully, those in the EU will still find this info useful even though we didn’t use your preferred currency. Cheers!

  2. Open Jaw (Inbound Auckland / Outbound Brisbane) with stopover in SG is also the same price range (£2kish).

  3. MK shut the hell up you Muppet and show some respect. Gilbert is doing us a favour. A well travelled person like yourself can obviously do a quick conversion from either GBP or USD into EUR.
    I got taught “If you have nothing good to say then say nothing at all.”
    Maybe you should take not of that statement before blabbering out useless remarks.
    Oh and as for mentioning Brexit..seriously..

  4. I booked inbound to Melbourne, out of Adelaide and a stopover in Singapore (though ballsed up the date and booked a day shorter than intended) for 2k. Really pleased with that, not the best price ever, bit pretty decent! Used Norwegian CashPoints to book fully flexible positioning flights too.

    What’s the thinking on the best place to credit the miles?
    Alaska has great earning rates but not sure they’re the best program for UK based flyers…? I’ve not got any other star alliance miles in the pot, only a few AAdvantage (after a big redemption earlier this year), some Avios and some Etihad mike’s – if my Philippine Airlines flights ever credit). And a load of amex MR points.

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