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When you’re going to the Maldives, it’s an almost foregone conclusion that you’ll be parting ways with either quite a lot of cash, or an enumerable amount of points to cover your stay. Even then, it’s still worth it. Naturally, a good deal to get there, and in comfort, can go a long way. Qatar Airways has round trip business class from Italian cities to Male, Maldives for £1500 (€1799) round trip, which is about as low as you’ll generally find…

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The Maldives Flight Deals

The very best flight deals are found from Italian cities like Milan, Rome, Venice and Pisa, but Spain and Norway have their own versions priced a bit higher. For £1450 to £1500 (depending on dates), you can secure round trip business class, with up to four segments in Qatar Airways award winning Qsuite which is easily one of the two best business class suites in the sky.

Milan is arguably the easiest city to reach if you’re coming from a nearby city, using points or cash. It also has the widest availability at the very lowest prices, followed by Rome, Venice and Pisa in that order.

These flights will be on either the Airbus A350, or the Boeing 777 and most options offer Qsuite the entire way. Here’s a review of the Qsuite, and also a look at the other seat that might be used on the route.

a seat and window in an airplaneThe Dates You Can Travel

Happily, these deals are wide open for 2020, which means your plans can be too. These deals start in March and go through year end all at the same price. The lowest prices require at least a five night stay, which if you’re going all the way to the Maldives for some rest and relaxation kinda makes sense.

You’ll save a few bucks if you leave on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but every other day of the week is also available within £50, so it’s not a big deal.

qatar qsuites business classHow To Book These Flights

Having the Maldives circled on the calendar is definitely an exciting way to launch into 2020, and at these prices, you won’t really find better. Booking is easy and can be done directly with Qatar Airways to lock in the lowest prices. You’ll also be able to see which flights have Qsuite, etc by looking for the “Q” symbol at booking.

You can book with Qatar airways here.

Just enter MXP-MLE in the search field to bring up the lowest prices. Wherever you’re based, the savings on these deals can easily justify taking a cheap flight, or using points to get from wherever you call home to Milan, to take advantage of these exceptionally good prices. Enjoy the Maldives, it’s hard not to…

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