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A simple concept every points and miles fan should embrace is: opportunity for now, for travel later.

Just because you don’t want to – and should not – leave you house right now doesn’t mean you can’t plan great trips for later. With incredible promos popping up and availability to cash in points for airline seats and hotel rooms as good as its ever been, it’d be a shame to miss out.

One of the best flash offers to emerge is a sneak American Airlines AAdvantage promo, with first class to Tokyo for just 55,000 miles one way, or business for 45,000.

Leading Indonesian blog PinterPoin says they stumbled on an AAdvantage promo, where you can cash in American Airlines AAdvantage miles at exceptional rates. Travel from the USA to Tokyo for the end of 2020, and also into 2021 on American Airlines is currently just 55,000 AAdvantage Miles one way in first class, or 45,000 one way in flat bed business class.

The promo works in both directions, and with just $5.60 in taxes out of the USA, and $56 out back from Tokyo, you could end up with round trip first class for 110,000 AAdvantage miles and $60 odd bucks. That sure ain’t bad, nor is 90,000 miles and $60 bucks either.

How do you find the seats? You’ll need to search at AA.com, and look for travel during this time. Early reports suggest most airport departures are available, and most will route via Dallas. This could be a very cool way to try Flagship First dining.

Again, the reduced amount of miles only applies if you’re actually using American Airlines miles, though the fantastic award space is bookable by other airlines. Tokyo is the dream, and this is a great way to live it.

The more flexibility you have the better. Thanks to incredibly proactive health screening, Japan has been one of the “luckier” countries in its recovery, and much is already operating again as usual. By the end of 2020, it should be even better, assuming they open their doors to visitors between now and then…

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