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It’s worth it for the television alone…

Never missing your favorite show, not letting hackers steal your data or saving money on travel purchases has never been easier. In fact, all you need is a single tool. And it happens to have other perks too. VPN is otherwise known as “virtual private networks”, and allows travelers to connect to any wifi network without risking the safety of their devices, while creating opportunity to use social media, browse foreign TV shows and unlock hidden flight prices, by changing your “virtual” location. Here’s why a VPN is the best investment a traveler can make.


Cyber security is more important than ever. With everything happening online these days and so many different networks and open connections available, it’s important to know that whatever wifi you’re logging onto is safe and secure. A good VPN allows your connection to always be secure, and with easy apps, you can secure phone, tablet and computer with one click. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, library, mall or any open network, having a VPN such as NordVPNExpressVPN or HideMyAss will make your information safe. No more worries checking your bank accounts, email, messages or any other personal details, no matter which coffee shop network you’ve logged onto to stay in touch or find directions.


A VPN can be just the trick for unlocking incredible savings on travel purchases like flights and hotels, sometimes up to 60% or more. A VPN can make online booking sites think you’re in another country, where they may be selling the same exact flights or hotel rooms for far less. For example, a UK booking site may be asking £250 for a hotel room, where the US version of the same site will be asking $250! That’s an instant savings of $80! This is a very basic example, and there are many examples where savings can be over 60%, especially when using a credit card with no, or low foreign transaction fees.

Unblock Social Media

In certain parts of the world, some websites and social media platforms are completely blocked. We won’t name names, but in the world’s largest countries by population and or geographical size, sites such as Facebook or apps such as WhatsApp are blocked out. A VPN allows you to access sites and apps no matter where you are, making it easier to stay in touch with your friends, family or just the news. All your apps and browsing data are secure and for your eyes only, so even the government can’t eaves drop, at least not as easily!


A less serious but equally exciting advantage of using a VPN is television. A good VPN can allow you to watch TV shows from all over the world, like shows restricted to your home country. For a frequent traveler, this can be really helpful in keeping you both sane and happy on the road. By logging into your VPN and switching the location to the country where the TV show is offered, you’ll be able to keep up to date with your favorite shows, which otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Hooked on the latest HBO drama? No worries, you’ll now be able to catch up even when outside the US. It’s the simple pleasures. Your connection is private, so your movies and TV shows will stream fast, too.

Best VPN’s

There are a range of VPN’s available, and we’ve tried almost all of them over the years. For reliability and consistency, NordVPN is a brilliant choice, and for $5.75 per month for a one year plan, it’s great value. The app offers quick access to 4,413 servers worldwide, while securing your browsing and data on up to six device connections at a time. ExpressVPN is also easily one of the best VPN options, with extremely secure and ultra fast servers in over 148 cities worldwide, at a cost of just $8.32 per month for one year. Finally, HideMyAss is yet another extremely good, fast, reliable and secure option which works in over 190 countries and costs £4.99 per month for one year. All these services offer 30 day money back guarantee, so it would be silly not to try one or all – especially if you’re often on the road.

Do you use a VPN for your travels? What’s your favorite?

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