a glass with a yellow liquid and ice on a coaster

This week, the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards were unveiled for 2022.

London, which held the top two spots in recent years lost its crown, and another European hotspot joined the party. With three of the world’s top ten bars for 2022, Barcelona is the new spot for inspired imbibing cocktails.

And with three in the top 20, Mexico City is clearly the next city to watch — as the race for the world’s best cocktails and vibes reaches new twists. Here’s all the cool places to drink this year and into 2023.

a glass with a yellow liquid and ice on a coaster
a cocktail from Paradiso in Barcelona, the world’s “best” bar for 2022.

World’s 50 Best Bar List 2022

The Connaught Bar in London held the top spot in last year’s unveiling, followed by Tayēr & Elementary in the very same city. It was a big deal for London, with other bars still in the top 10. But now, Tayēr & Elementary is the only London bar in the top five.

New York, another famous city for claiming top spots, now just features two bars in the top 10. In fairness, the city does have a bountiful number of spots in the top 50 still. On to movers and shakers though, Mexico City is in. Aside from Licorería Limantour, the wonderful Handshake Speakeasy and Hanky Panky are climbing the ranks for CDMX.

The 10 Best Bar’s in the World for 2022-2023 via the newly released rankings are now…

  1. Paradiso – Barcelona, Spain
  2. Tayēr & Elementary – London, UK
  3. Sips – Barcelona, Spain
  4. Licorería Limantour – Mexico City, Mexico
  5. Little Red Door – Paris, France
  6. Double Chicken Please – New York, New York USA
  7. Two Schmucks – Barcelona, Spain
  8. Connaught Bar – London, UK
  9. Katana Kitten – New York, New York USA
  10. Alquímico – Cartagena, Colombia

A Fun Way To See A City

The world’s best cocktail bars are rarely in tourist traps. They’re often in real neighborhoods where locals who enjoy upscale or inventive things, or just great quality tend to dwell.

I’ve had some of my most memorable travel experiences around the world seeking out these bars as an excuse to dip down alley ways and into new adventures, and if you’re looking for a buzzing way to do so, it might be time to tick off some spots on the list.

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  1. I just don’t get anything out of poncy £20 cocktails that take half an hour to make. Take me to the pubs and dive bars man.

    1. Haha I’d say I’ll see you there, but I’ll be at the places that charge £20 a drink, where just a couple are needed for a great, clean buzz, without chaos.

  2. Was worried I’d see Sugar Monk in Harlem NYC up here, I like visiting my favorite bar w/ a still guaranteed seat at the counter!

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