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Two words: game changer…

Everyone loves to look sophisticated when parsing through a wine menu, but with oh so many grape varietals and more wine producers than wannabe pop stars, it’s hard to keep up. Whether you’re in a fine spirits purveyor, or looking through an extortionately inflated restaurant wine menu, you always want to select the right bottle, or just a delicious bottle, which presents the worlds most common wine problem. If you haven’t tried it, how do you know if it’s any good? There’s officially “an app” for that.

a bottle of wine next to a glass of wineMeet Vivino

We’d love to tell you that this article is sponsored, and we’re getting boatloads of money, but we just love the app. Vivino is your one stop shop for oenophile knowledge, and the reason you care is that it uses simple technology to make you look very smart. With a single camera snap, you can browse user based reviews for virtually any wine bottle on earth. You’ll also see how much it generally goes for retail. Looking at an entire wine list? That’s absolutely fine! The app instantly vets the entire menu, on a zero to five point scale. Point your phone at the menu, one snap and you’ve got however many reviews.

a bottle of wine in front of a large buildingHow It Works

Everyone who uses Vivino can leave feedback on each bottle they sample. Reviews are weighted toward top critics and users with large followings, but every vote counts. Each wine gets a score between 0 and 5 and this is a really handy way of getting a sense about what you’re dealing with. You can type in a wine, take a picture of a label or even take a picture of an entire wine menu, and you’ll get the score instantly, along with historical pricing info. This is a total travel game changer, because you’ll instantly be able to spot stand out wines, anywhere. See a 3.5? It’s probably “ok”. See anything above a 4.1? It’s probably a gem.

wine glasses from a bar

It’s Free

All the features mentioned are free. On a recent flight, we were able to sort the good stuff from the bad. At a recent dinner, we were instantly able to identify the most highly rated wines, and also see just how badly the restaurant was taking customers to the cleaners to enjoy them! In short, Vivino is free, it’s easy and it’s the one app every wine loving traveler needs to download. You won’t get fooled again…

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