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If you’d quite literally like to sail away, from your day to day, Virgin has a pretty incredible offer out there. For 80,000 Virgin Points, two people can sail away on one of Virgin Voyages widely lauded cruises, with all inclusive meals, entertainment and other joys covered.

Yes, you read that right. It’s 80,000 points for up to two people, not per person, and with so many ways to instantly create Virgin Points, the hardest part will be securing a place before everyone else who wants to sail away.

About a year ago, GSTP highlighted that Virgin’s new ‘Virgin Red’ program centered around Virgin Points would bring crazy new value to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club and all other parts of the Virgin Group business, and that’s proving true right now.

a cruise ship in the water with RMS Queen Mary in the background

Virgin Red Offer: 12 Night Cruise For 80,000 Points

As a recap, Virgin Red is the wider loyalty program of the Virgin Group, and it runs on Virgin Points. Any points from the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club can be moved instantly into Virgin Red, and vice versa.

Since Virgin Atlantic or Virgin Red is a transfer partner of Amex, Capital One, Chase and Citi, you can convert most credit card points into Virgin Points to book this crazy offer.

80,000 points for a 12 night cruise including food, soft drinks, fitness, entertainment and more, wow. Major wow.

Here’s how Virgin Voyages describes their cruise experience.

Virgin Voyages is a new lifestyle travel brand focused on delivering irresistible cruise vacations. Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady – the first and second ships in the fleet – were designed to reflect a yacht’s sleek luxury, offering the intimate, elevated experience of a boutique hotel at sea.

Featuring spaces designed by some of the top names in contemporary interiors, our Lady Ships are exclusively adult, a sanctuary at sea for the 18+ traveller. A dose of Vitamin Sea is naturally intertwined across the entire ship, with well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation at the forefront.

Our fleet sails to 100 of the world’s most incredible destinations with 25+ unique itineraries across four continents. Each sailing offers alluring entertainment and Michelin-inspired menus served across 20+ world-class eateries. With a modern twist on luxury, coupled with discerning design, Virgin Voyages offers incredible value for its Sailors, including food, essential drinks, WiFi and group fitness classes, all covered in the voyage fare.Virgin Voyages

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Is There A Catch?

The only catch is that this isn’t an all year, any date offering. This is for a cruise leaving the UK (Portsmouth) on May 2nd and disembarking in Barcelona on May 14th. Oh no, a two in one trip to Europe and a cruise – you poor thing!

For people based in the UK, this is almost as simple as taking the easy journey from London or any other city down to Portsmouth. For others, it will mean flights and a journey to reach the cruise port, which aren’t included in the offer. Though with the bargain you’re bagging here, probably some room in the budget?

Intra-European travel is becoming easier by the day as flights are added back, so getting back from Barcelona should be a breeze. For any people considering this from further abroad, ending a trip in Barcelona and enjoying the city for a few days, before heading back is never-ever sad.

How To Book This Amazing Virgin Points Offer

Virgin Atlantic will always be the crown jewel with Upper Class Flights and upgrades, but other Virgin Group businesses are starting to get really aggressive with their points offers via Virgin Red.

Right now it’s Voyages, but even things like Virgin Limited Edition and Virgin Hotels are making moves. There are lots of reasons to take this currency seriously.

If you want to book one of these awesome Virgin Voyages cruise packages for 80,000 points, you can fire up the Virgin Red app (or download it first). If you already have any Virgin Points from the Flying Club, it’s easy to sync accounts and use those balances.

This offer will go quickly, so if you want in, you should do the same. Even if you miss out, this is a nice warning shot of what may be to come.

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  1. Not a bad deal as Virgin also includes gratuities in the cruise price, unlike most other lines. I would disagree a bit on the “widely lauded” part. I’m sure some demographics will really be into the drag shows and tattoo parlor on the ship but the rooms are quite minimal (think Ibis budget, not Marriott Courtyard) in design and comfort. They are working to change some of the room features to add more storage (which is sorely lacking) but that is a bandaid on the design. Still a good cruise deal I’d say but the price will not include taxes and port fees which can add a lot to a “free” cruise.

        1. I’m getting the same thing. Has anyone had any success booking over the phone with Virgin?

  2. I made a UK Virgin Red account and I got through to that booking page, so it looks intentionally aimed at UK holders. This looks like a 12-day positioning cruise, but it’s priced like their 7 day Mediterranean cruises from BCN.

  3. Any work around if you are based in US? Create a UK account but need a UK phone number. This is a great deal and I want to book it!

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