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When you’re looking at a map of the world, ready to go somewhere, anywhere warm and wonderful, Turks & Caicos and The Maldives are two obvious choices. Idyllic, crazy aqua-clear water awaits. But then comes the practical stuff, like getting there.

In a surprising and exciting move, Virgin Atlantic just announced new service to both the Maldives and Turks & Caicos, adding two highly sought after destinations, which the airline will serve with direct Heathrow flights.

Here’s what you need to know about the flight dates, and how you might be able to use Virgin Points to take vacay to new levels of comfort.

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Virgin Launching Maldives Plus Turks & Caicos

It doesn’t get much more aspirational than the Maldives. If a competitor did exist, it would probably be Turks & Caicos. Stunning new hotels, clubs and experiences are the evergreen theme of both. Hello, Amanyara!

Anyway, come 2023, you’ll be able to fly to both destinations with Virgin Atlantic. The airline is in a period of growth and expansion, having just launched new US routes to Austin and Tampa, respectively.

Virgin Atlantic will commence the new London Heathrow-Maldives route on October 22nd, 2023, with the next launch to Turks & Caicos kicking off just a couple weeks later on the 15th of November, 2023.

Don’t forget, the Maldives was the first country to launch a loyalty program for visitors, with perks for coming, and coming often!

Tickets for these new Virgin services go on sale in the weeks and months to come. The Maldives is first up, with an “on sale” date of November 30th, and the new Turks & Caicos flights will go on sale January 11th, 2023.

Booking Early Often Has Benefits

New routes means new hope and excitement, but also a heck of a lot of seats to fill. This means whether you’re paying cash, or using points, a good promotional offer isn’t usually too far away.

Any Virgin Points fanatics should absolutely look at seats the day these routes go on sale. Don’t forget that all Virgin seats available using points are also available for cabin upgrades, and one cabin upgrades from premium to business remain stellar value.

It’s great to see more direct services between London and two highly sought after “sun” destinations, particularly at a time where everyone in London could desperately use some!

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