a bed in an airplane
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Social distancing on the plane is so much easier when you’re in a bed. After flying Virgin Atlantic last week between London and the USA, I can confirm that full meals are back, champagne is too, and all the lovely bedding, pillows and friendly crews are too. Virgin Atlantic just launched an attractive sale, bringing Upper Class business class with flat beds from just £995 round trip, to some amazing places.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Sale

There’s an element of uncertainty to travel right now, and passengers are weary. But a bargain is a bargain, particularly when it comes with flexible, easy changes and it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Surely, the world can only go up from here?

Virgin Atlantic has launched a major Upper Class Sale, with the lowest prices of the year to New York, Johannesburg, Delhi, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, Mumbai Lagos and more. Here’s a peek at some sale prices, including…

  • £995 London to Tel Aviv In Upper Class Round Trip
  • £1149 London to Delhi In Upper Class Round Trip
  • £1199 London to New York In Upper Class Round Trip
  • £1352 London to Barbados In Upper Class Round Trip
  • £1399 London to Mumbai In Upper Class Round Trip
  • £1475 London to San Francisco In Upper Class Round Trip
  • £1499 London to Los Angeles In Upper Class Round Trip
  • £1766 London to Johannesburg in Upper Class Round Trip
a bed in an airplane

How To Book

Dates for the sale varies by destination. For example, USA flights are typically from February onward, in anticipation of a hopeful border opening in January. Tel Aviv is available virtually any day, all year and next, while India, South Africa and others are mixed on dates.

Basically, just go to the Virgin Atlantic Sale page, and you’ll get a better feel for what dates are offered. Virgin Atlantic also provides complimentary covid-19 cover up to £500,000 on most flights, which is a nice addition and takes care of at least one travel hassle right now. Be sure to check out the flexible booking conditions too.

If you’re a plane geek, or want the very best experience, aim for a flight operated by the Airbus A350! This new plane has the best Upper Class seats and a cool social space to unwind. Virgin Atlantic flies the A350-1000 on select flights to New York, Los Angeles, Lagos, Johannesburg, among others. You’ll see it in the Virgin booking process with the logo “new plane”.

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  1. You have a link to the “Virgin Atlantic Sale Page” that is really just the Virgin homepage. There is no mention anywhere of sales on flights. When I enter LAX to LHR for the first two weeks of February I am offered two tickets for about $8500.

    1. The US doesn’t have a sale. It’s a London sale, for London departures, and when you click the link and are in the UK, it takes you directly to the offer page for the Upper Class Sale. Since the USA doesn’t have an upper class sale, it takes you to the home page.

  2. It frosts me that these British Airlines discriminate against USA travelers. No reverse pricing from my hub in the US and this is the rule rather than the exception from BA and Virgin.

    1. It’s honestly got nothing to do with British Airlines. It’s all about US pricing, which is always higher. Best fares ever out of the USA in business drop to like $1500+, but only for hours. $2100 plus is the norm, and that’s across all airlines for US departures. Each market prices entirely differently, but it can be worthwhile to book a one way to Europe, and use one of these deals to start a trip home, and begin a second trip back to Europe.

    2. @JohnSF – makes a nice change to get an awesome deal on this side of the pond. It’s an all too regular occurrence that I see epic deals and think “I’ll have some one that” only to later find out you have to bet US based to take advantage i.e every single awesome credit card sign up bonus ever 😉 !!!

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