There’s a fundamental flaw many travellers make with airline loyalty programs, albeit a logical one. When they think of a loyalty program, they immediately focus on redeeming points with that specific airline, and if they can’t think of a good reason to – they don’t bother. Like, why bother with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club if you don’t have big plans to become a Virgin frequent flyer.

That’s a huge mistake.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club is offering one of the most unique promotions in points and miles at the moment, and it’s so tempting, I actually bought miles with it. Here’s why you might want to as well.This 40% boost works for both US and UK accounts.

First, WTF Is Virgin Atlantic Miles Booster

Miles Booster is a really unique program which allows you to treat your airline miles like a shot. You can have a single, double, or even triple – and right now there’s a 40% bonus tacked on. This applies to flight reservations, including ones you’ve already taken in the last six months and even those you booked using points!

It doesn’t apply to your credit card points transfers or points earned from anything other than actual flying. But yeah, if you’ve flown with Virgin in the last six months using points or cash, and or have one coming up, you can proactively or retroactively double, or triple the points you earn, for a fee.

new virgin upper class seat airbus a350Virgin Atlantic 40% Miles Booster Bonus

Through the current promotion, Virgin Atlantic Miles Booster allows you to pay 1p per point, not even including the bonus. Bonus included: the price is .71p per point! That’s an extremely low figure to pay for a large chunk of miles, and if you’re are saving for an upgrade or a flight redemption, this is one of the easiest ways to earn more miles than a credit card sign up bonus, for a very reasonable fee!

This promotion expires March 8th, 2020 and returns to standard rates. You simply need to order the boost, not actually fly before then. Flights later in the year are totally fine.

For a round trip to New York in economy, you’d currently earn 6,916 miles from taking your flight. If you pay for the 3x boost, you’d earn an additional 20,748 miles plus the 40% bonus, for a total of 29,047 all in. The grand total for your nearly 30,000 miles? £207.48 all in.

I personally took advantage of this recently for a trip I took from London to New York in Premium Economy.

I had already earned quite a bit of miles thanks to Virgin Gold and the Premium cabin bonus, but I couldn’t turn down topping off nearly 30,000 more miles for £207.48. I had already earned 11,000 miles from the trip just for actually flying, so top top off another 29,047 for 40,000 on a round trip to New York is just staggeringly good.

That’s nearly enough for a new one way in Upper Class.

Side note: you can pay for Mileage Boost on future flights online by logging into your booking. For any bookings you’ve already flown, you need to call Flying Club. You can actually also just text them too! Here’s a link to the US and UK text numbers. They work better than I ever imagined.

Tokyo At Meguro CanalWhy Virgin Atlantic Miles Are Actually Great

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles have been slept on for far too long. If you need inspiration, here’s 11 brilliant ways to redeem them. For starters, there’s great options all around the world, like 62,500 points for fully flat business class between the US and New Zealand, or 120,000 miles for First Class, not even business class between the UK or US and Tokyo on ANA. Business class is even fewer points.

The gist of this is: Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles are brilliant for use from Asia, from the USA, from the UK and Europe. Delta One flights, even those including suites with doors don’t charge surcharges from the US to cities like Paris, so you’d pay just $5.60 in surcharges and between 50,000-60,000 points one way. Read up on the best ways, then how to actually book them.

I put my money where my mouth is on this deal, and it may definitely be worth considering for you too. How many times can you accrue significant amounts of miles at such a low cost, without major spending on a credit card. I may book another trip just to boost another set!

You can boost your Virgin Atlantic Miles Here.

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