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Virgin's Departure Beach in Barbados

Cities will always be there, but many aren’t quite the same right now. Beaches, though, are always lovely, particularly in the Caribbean, along with the mega infinity pools that overlook them. The potent drinks which empower people to wear jazzy Hawaiian shirts without shame, are also pretty wonderful.

As the world reopens, Virgin Atlantic is doubling down on its position in the Caribbean, launching more flights from more UK cities than just about any other – and also flying many of its best planes, unlike many airlines which typically roster their old clunkers for leisure routes.

Virgin is set to add flights from Edinburgh, as well as offer a huge boost to its schedule from Heathrow and Manchester, making the Caribbean an easy choice this year.

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Virgin Expands Caribbean Flying

Virgin Atlantic recently added Nassau, Bahamas and Jamaica to its Caribbean flying, and is bringing back St Lucia too. But with news of brand new flights from Edinburgh to Barbados, it doesn’t seem like the flow of destinations or services is coming to a halt any time soon.

For December, 2021 Cirium Data reports a total of 81 flights are set to depart the UK’s London Heathrow for Barbados alone. With the new schedule boost, Virgin Atlantic is set to operate 50 of them.

Virgin is also adding direct services from Edinburgh to both Orlando and Barbados. Barbados will operate twice weekly from December 5th and all flights go on sale next week, from the 18th of August. Virgin Atlantic will also operate a sizeable 21 of the 53 flights from Manchester to Barbados in December.

a beach with chairs and umbrellas

Lots Of Opportunity To Use Points

Virgin Points are everywhere right now, with the expanded launch of Virgin Red. When new flights get added, such as the recently expanded schedule, opportunities to use points during hard to get “peak” times do too.

If you’re quick there are some prized seats for Caribbean flights up for grabs using points, which of course are also available for upgrade too. Basically, if the Caribbean is on your mind, Virgin has more ways to get there from the UK than most right now, and it’s never a bad time to sit on a beach and enjoy the sun.

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  1. Great service on flight, air hostesses and host were very helpful and polite. Food was good. Flight from Barbados to Heathrow was comfortable and on time.

  2. Is the Virgin Departure beach still open in Barbados, or closed due to covid restrictions? (August 2021)

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