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Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles are more dynamic than you might expect. They’re not just for upgrades and flights on Virgin Atlantic – they can be used for incredible experiences on ANA, Air New Zealand and many others too, all around the world. The airline just launched a flash sale on points where everyone receives a mystery bonus, and many people will find 40% bonuses on all purchases.

That means you can buy miles as low as 1.08p per point, and take some incredible flights on Virgin Atlantic and its many partners, at some super bargains. Here are all the glorious details…

a bed in a planeBuy Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles

You can buy up to 140,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles in this sale for a grand total of £1515, if your “Mystery Bonus” is maxed out at the full 40%. You can check your mystery bonus here.

a screenshot of a credit cardBonus miles are offered on all miles purchases over 2,000 miles. The better deals are definitely for those with UK registered Virgin Atlantic Flying Club accounts, but there are solid offers for US account holders too. The 40% miles bonus brings some interesting potential for cool redemptions. For example…

  • You could buy 95,200 miles for £1032. That’s enough for ANA business class round trip between London and Tokyo, or the USA and Tokyo, and additional surcharges when you book the award bring a grand total of around £1400, even if you had no miles to start.
  • You could buy 50,400 miles for £550. That’s enough for Delta One business class from the USA to Europe (not the UK) and these flights don’t have surcharges, so you’re then effectively buying a one way business class ticket for £550.
  • You could buy 23,700 miles for £270. This would be enough to upgrade a premium economy ticket (not K class) into Upper Class and try the new Airbus A350 to New York.

If you already have lots, and just need to top off towards a great redemption, these are great prices with which to do so. I’m always looking to top off for another trip, and at just 1.08p per point, you can absolutely extract more value than you pay. With the new Airbus A350 Upper Class and loft bar, it’s once again an exciting time to fly Virgin.

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You can book this incredible ANA business class seat for 95,000 Virgin Atlantic Miles round trip…

The Fine Print And Boring Details

Obviously, using miles means you can’t just pick any day and travel. That’s the limiting part of using them, so don’t buy miles if you have fixed dates. If you have flexible dates and some aspirational travel goals however, this is a great way to get a head start on your earning.

If you have any upcoming Virgin Atlantic flights, or have taken any within the last six months, it’s cheaper to use the “Miles Boost” promo, which gets your miles purchases under 1p per point, thanks to a limited time 40% bonus on that as well. Here’s full details on that.

This “Mystery Bonus” offer runs through November 13th, and you can only find your personal bonus by logging in to your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account. Here’s a guide to inspirational ways to spend Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles, and the nitty gritty on how to actually book them when you’ve found something you like…

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  1. I’m a UK registered member of Virgin Flying CLub. and the “mystery bonus” is a measly 20%.
    The mystery is why they bothered.

  2. Do you know if there is a way to purchase in GBP from a US account? I am seeing a transfer price of $1,861 USD for 68k + 27k bonus miles (instead of your screenshot showing 1035GBP), which is substantially more than the converted currency rate ($1340 USD). Thanks!

  3. GB rate is much lower per 1,000 miles than the US rate per clicking your link above versus logging in via a US website. GBP is currently about 30% over the USD so it is not that as the £30 GBP rate for a 1,000 mile block converts to $39 USD and the US site is quoting the same size block at $52.

    GB site:
    Every purchase comes with a one-off £15 transaction fee, and then it costs £15 for every 1,000 miles. So if you buy 1,000 miles you’ll pay £30, and if you buy 5,000 miles you’ll pay £90.

    US site:
    Every purchase comes with a one-off $25 transaction fee, and then it costs $27 for every 1,000 miles. So if you buy 1,000 miles you’ll pay $52, and if you buy 5,000 miles you’ll pay $160.

  4. OK, so i called VA air miles and and asked about the low 20% bonus, and they said its to do with the tiers, so if you’re in the higher tiers in silver or gold you may get the 40% offer.
    I’m going to hold out until they have a genuine sale like July’s where they were offering 40% on 70k or more.

    Although I may book a quickie to Mia in Premium economy and get my miles booster x 3 with a 40% bonus. That would be pretty much same price as buying the miles outright with a 10 hours flight to Miami thrown in….

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