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With travel news lately, every day feels like a birthday. Each morning brings news from around the world of another country opening restriction free travel, or opening after years of closure to the world at large.

After signaling its intention to reopen to foreign visitors last month without any travel quarantine or restrictions, Vietnam is following through with plans. In an exciting plot twist, the changes are effective immediately.

Effective immediately technically means you could fly today, but some yet to be clarified policy details mean you might want to wait a few days. Here’s what’s going on with travel to Vietnam, and what you’ll need before departure.

Vietnam Reopens Travel

Put simply, Vietnam is wonderful. The food, with fresh herbs that smack you in the face before even chomping down, only makes it all the more wonderful.

The country was understandably quick to close in 2020, and remained tightly sealed until announcements in February 2022 letting travelers know of its intentions to open at the first opportunity.

Well, that first opportunity is here. On March 15th, Vietnamese officials proclaimed that effective immediately, all quarantine and previous border restrictions are officially dropped.

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Visitors previously able to enter on a waiver, or visa on arrival program can once again do so, with only one passenger locator style for to fill out. The form could be dropped in the coming days. ABC Australia reports it may already be on the chop.

“We are not just reopening tourism but also international trade and international exchange from March 15, as it used to be before Covid-19.The spirit is that we will not treat foreign tourists and local people differently, in terms of pandemic precaution measures,” 

Vu Duc Dam, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam

Official details are scarce with this surprise announcement, but one Covid-19 test prior to departure is thus far said to be the only remaining requirement. As stated by the Deputy PM, once in Vietnam, all arrivals will be treated equally.

Update: Vietnam has dropped its Covid-19 testing requirement, effective May 15th.

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Exciting Times For Travel To Asia

Europe always remained somewhat accessible during the pandemic, and in recent months, North America started to follow along as well. Africa and the Middle East were also relatively open.

But Asia mostly was not. Thailand was among the first, with a slew of restrictive travel protocols, followed by Singapore and Cambodia, but that was about it. With Vietnam on the list, and India issuing 500,000 free visas to stir up interest, the plot is thickening.

If you thought it would be 2023 before you had a chance to see Asia again, think again.

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  1. Esteemed Sir:

    The article is either unclear or contradictory.

    You state “all quarantine and previous border restrictions are officially dropped.”

    Then you state “but one Covid-19 test prior to departure is thus far said to be the only remaining requirement.”

    Which is it?

    On 17 March 2020 Vietjet told me to take the early flight SGN-BKK, as it might be the last foreign flight for at least a month. It has been far too long.

    1. Border restrictions = visa eligibility and opportunity to enter (at all) admissibility. People, regardless of tests could not enter previously.
      Quarantine = time required to isolate after arrival. No quarantine will be had. Testing is a separate protocol.

  2. Glad they’re opening. Been on my list for a while. But the timing at this very moment is a bit of a problem as it looks like they are in the midst of an Omicron surge at 350,000 new cases as of 3/17/22.

      1. Only in terms of getting stuck in a country with return to country antigen testing such as the US. Hopefully that goes away soon.

  3. Is insurance still required for Covid 19 medical insurance? If it is still required please advise where to buy ?

  4. Right now only visa for 15 and 30 days are good when Can you get a one year visa or a retirement visa for long term stay that is what is needed for thousands of people come on Vietnam get it together you want to open then

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