a pool with palm trees and chairs
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Maybe it’s a private pool, an outdoor space, or an extra bedroom for friends. There are millions of reasons why Airbnb continues to gain in popularity, haggling included, but when it comes time to pay, there’s never been an amazing way to use points.

Sure, you could use points at ineffective rates, but who wants to do that? Now, many Chase Sapphire cardholders won’t have to.

Airbnb is now officially a Chase ‘Pay Yourself Back’ option, and will be into 2022 at the earliest, creating an amazing way to stay where you want, and split up costs with points covering some, none, or all, with ease.

a pool with palm trees and chairs

Using Chase Ultimate Rewards Points For Airbnb

Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders now have a fantastic new way to use points for Airbnb stays at great rates, even after they’ve made the purchase.

Chase ‘Pay Yourself Back’ allows Sapphire Reserve cardholders to use points for purchases they’ve already made in select categories at a rate of 1.5 cents per point. Rather than 100,000 points covering $1000 in purchases, 100,000 points covers $1500 in purchases, and so forth.

For Sapphire Preferred cardholders, the rate is 1.25 cents per point, so 100,000 points covers $1250 worth of purchases.

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You can use points to pay for some, or all, of a transaction on your account. Airbnb just officially became an option, joining charitable giving, dining purchases and purchases made at luggage brand ‘Away’. This means if you made a $150 purchase on dining, or Airbnb, Away or a charity, just 10,000 points would settle it for you.

What’s nice is that you can pay afterward. If you’re out to dinner, you pay as usual at the restaurant, then once the charge hits your account, you can wipe it off with points. The same now applies for Airbnb.

How It Works: Chase Ultimate Rewards For Airbnb

Now that Airbnb is officially a part of ‘Pay Yourself Back’, you can book your Airbnb stays like normal, and then use points later on to either soften the blow by removing some of the transaction with points, or all.

You choose how many points you want to use, and the Chase Ultimate Rewards site tells you how much that will cover.

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Chase tipped this ‘Pay Yourself Back’ feature as a temporary measure during times when travel wasn’t easy for people, but dining was, yet all indications are that it will continue to exist and evolve in different ways for a long time to come.

The new Airbnb offering is set to run through March 31st, 2022, but could easily be extended, the same way categories like dining have been. Any Airbnb purchases which hit your account before this date, even for stays later on, can be covered at the great rates ‘Pay Yourself Back’ offers.

Exciting Way To Use Points

Hotels are wonderful, but they aren’t for everyone right now. Having the opportunity to use points at strong rates for more purchases is absolutely “winning” for all Chase Sapphire cardholders.

And don’t forget, there’s currently a 100,000 point welcome for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, which is incredible!

Once one leading reward card offers a better way to use points, it’s typically only a matter of time until others do too. It could be a very exciting year in the points game, after all!

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