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Oneworld airlines have launched a big sale from the USA to Europe. That means British Airways, Iberia, Finnair and American.

Making things even better, most of these fares can be booked via the British Airways website, and if you are an AARP member, or become one for $12, you will get $200 discount on each business class flight.

For example, New York to Naples, Italy via the BA website cosst $1786 before the $200 AARP discount, but just $1586 after the AARP discount. The membership is only $12 a year, and everyone can join and benefit instantly.

Correct, you no longer need to be of a certain age, or retirement status in life to join AARP. A teenager can join, and benefit accordingly. We’ll explain more about instantly unlocking the discount

Even for flights that can’t be booked via the British Airways website, and even if you don’t want to become an AARP member, many cheap business class deals are available.

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Book These Flight Deals

The cheapest fares can be found via Online Travel Agencies or British Airways and, below you can find a list with most of the best prices for round trip business class. These tickets can earn Tier Points with British Airways, or Elite Qualifying Miles with American, in addition to miles you can redeem.

As mentioned above, almost all of these fares can be booked via the British Airways website with AARP discount which will drop some prices. London is also available for around $200 more, which with the AARP discount makes London about $1700 round trip.

England just dropped quarantine restrictions on fully vaccinated American visitors, so it’s a great time to go, while hotel deals are everywhere!

From New York (travel dates on/after 11AUG 21.)

From Chicago (travel dates AUG to NOV)

From Boston (travel dates AUG to NOV)

* a few West Coast dates may be available out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, so they may be worth plugging in.

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Fare Rules

These fares are valid for travel after August 11th, and most run until the end of the year, from New York even until summer 2022. Europe is largely open to Americans, and if you’re vaccinated, most countries don’t require any pre-flight testing. They simply accept your proof of vaccination to enter.

How To Book + AARP Discount

These are great prices in general for luxury travel to Europe. When you add in the easy $200 win, they’re even better. You can use the links above to access sample dates and change the dates to your liking, or use Google Flights to help find the lowest prices.

Using The AARP Discount To Save $200

AARP provides meaningful member discounts beyond British Airways fares, but we’ll keep it simple and just highlight how to use the discount.

First, you can join here for $9-$12, depending on the plan you select. Sure, that bumps the fare by around $10 bucks, but it’s hardly a factor here.

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Once logged in online to AARP, simply click ‘Member Benefits‘ on the top banner, and then scroll down to Travel Benefits (like above), and then “Airlines Benefits” and select British Airways.

When you do, you’ll be taken to an exclusive British Airways page where the discount is automatically applied.

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This is a great opportunity to travel in relatively peak times at very off peak prices. British Airways flies its new Club Suites out of most US gateways now, which means you’ll have a fully flat bed, complete with privacy door. At these prices, that definitely beats Premium Economy!

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