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Right now, only people who were fully vaccinated in the UK are able to skip quarantine when arriving from a country on the UK’s ‘Amber’ List, which includes popular places like the United States, and most of Europe.

For everyone else arriving from an ‘Amber List’ country, 10 days of isolation, or 5+ with an expensive additional test, awaits.

Only ‘green list’ arrivals are able to skip the lengthy isolation stint at present, but that’s about to change, effective August 2nd.

The UK is has announced sweeping changes to visitor rules aimed at drumming up inbound travel, which will allow vaccinated Americans and EU visitors to enter the UK without the need to quarantine, once again opening up the doors to joyful travel.

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The Sofitel St. James in London, an Accor ALL loyalty program hotel.

UK To Drop Quarantine For Vaccinated Visitors

Meetings are under way in the London today to formalize significant new travel entry policies, which simplify travel and allow quarantine free entry for vaccinated visitors.

Yep, if you’re American, from the EU, are fully vaccinated and can prove it, you can probably visit the UK again, without quarantine, from Monday, August 2nd.

The only remaining question is whether the new move will apply to England travel only, or also Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Other countries are expected to be added soon.

Simplifying Travel Restrictions

England dropped ‘Amber List’ quarantine restrictions for residents vaccinated by the NHS on July 19th, but that excluded visitors as well as Brits vaccinated abroad during the pandemic. Finally, according to the Evening Standard, that’s going to change, as the UK recognizes US and EU vaccine proof, among others.

Frustrated with the pace of recognizing fully vaccinated travelers, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic recently took matters into their own hands, trialling vaccination proof on flights from a variety of international gateways including the US, EU and Caribbean.

The documents of all but two passengers came back fully verified, showung minimal risk..

One wasn’t outside of the 14 day window of the final vaccination dose and the other had a simple name discrepancy, which was resolved. Customers were able to use CDC vaccination cards, New York’s digital Excelsior Pass and the EU digital pass.

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Exciting Times Ahead For UK Travel

The US continues to drag its feet on draconian and logic defying travel restrictions against the UK and EU, but the UK is finally seeing sense.

Vaccinated visitors arriving from a variety of trusted ‘amber list’ countries will soon be able to enter the UK with just a test before departure and one test after arrival, with no quarantine period.

This means enjoying London, Manchester or any great UK getaway from day one.

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  1. While many are still whinging about the pre-flight testing requirements (ex before one’s flight to the UK, or to the US) I think it’s worth noting that these are to help keep trip itself safe – airports, airplanes, etc.

  2. Very annoying when USA will not let UK citizens into USA. Our trip to LAS Vegas and Phoenix from 3 September looks like it won’t happen.

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