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Everyone loves a sale, but add Paris into the equation and “sale” takes on massive new levels of excitement. There’s a perception in the USA that Europe is expensive and inaccessible, but these amazing sale fares to Paris prove that it can be cheaper than visiting Florida, and with a lot fewer Margaritaville t-shirts too! If Europe is on the list, grab one of these awesome bargains. Here’s how…

a glass pyramid with a building in the backgroundThe Flight Deals To France

Paris is lovely any time of year, but it’s tough to beat spring and autumn, when the crowds disperse and the seasons are pleasant. Yep, spoiler alert, it’s quite hot in summer, so if you want to walk around and see the sights you’ll probably enjoy it more during shoulder season. These deals offer exactly that…

You can depart from: New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco for under $350 round trip, with deals as low as $280 from a few cities. Other cities may be available as well, so it’s worth taking a peek using Google Flights.

All these deals are on legacy airlines like American, Air France, British Airways, Delta, TAP and Swiss, which mean you can take a full sized carry on, and will be fed and given drinks during the flight. If you need to bring a checked bag, you’ll need to pay a bit more. Good time to learn how to pack, eh?

The Dates You Can Fly To Paris

If you want in on these hot fares, you’ve basically got two windows to travel: soonish, and later in the year. These deals can be found in March and April, and then in September, October, November and December. Not every single date will be available, but availability is quite good!

Unlike some other deals, many of these allow for stays less than a week, so you could pull off a trip in just a long weekend. That’s pretty fantastic, though longer stays are fine too.

a tower with trees in front of itHow To Book Paris And Jet Off

By now, you just want to jet off to Paris, soak up the culture and dive into the croissants. Fair enough, Here’s links to the lowest deals from each city, so that you can simply click, change the dates and find something fantastic to book that works for you, like…

Here’s how to avoid tourist mistakes in Paris. If you’re looking for places to stay, Paris has some amazing hotels obviously, many of which can be booked with points, but also fantastic Airbnb and Sweet Inn options. You can’t go wrong. Enjoy France…

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  1. Do you have any cheap deals coming from Montreal to anywhere from the month of June July and December? Roundtrip and just economy since were going to be our first time travelling outside Montreal. Thanks

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