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If you rider Uber frequently enough, just like any other rideshare or sharing economy service, you might encounter something that’s below standard. In fact, you probably will. When you do, an awkward conundrum can occur – you want to report it – but you don’t want the driver to become enraged or combative based on your safety concern.

Uber has introduced a new feature which allows riders to discretely report a “non emergency” safety issue, triggering a response from an Uber team member.

New Uber Rider Safety Feature

If you’ve opened your Uber app in the last 24 hours and noticed a blue shield, that’s the new Uber safety feature. By tapping the blue shield, you’re able to report a safety concern, such as a driver not obeying traffic laws, or not offering working seat belts or any variety of non emergency issues.

Perhaps most importantly, the issue will be filed to the Uber safety team and someone will follow up after the ride. Obviously, if you find yourself in an emergency, contact emergency services – not Uber.

Though it raises plenty of new concerns, particularly for drivers, the new feature removes a bit of the awkwardness when something goes wrong, yet you can’t do anything about it without engaging the driver. In one way, it’s great to avoid direct conflict, but in another way, it opens drivers up to baseless complaints in a “he said x she said environment”.

Uber Increasing Safety Features

As Uber fights to maintain the right to operate in the UK and markets around the world, the app is aggressively pushing a safety focus over growth. That’s something everyone can get behind. The on boarding process for drivers is now much more rigorous and vehicle checks are helping to establish minimum standards of service, which depending on market can vary widely.

While it’s easy to see concerns drivers may raise over these new safety features, it’s great for honest passengers to be able to report issues which could potentially be harmful to themselves, or others, such as texting while driving without having to create tension with the person giving you a ride.

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